Estefania Gatton: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest 2017

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Sarah Michelle, Becky Baldwin, Rosie Botterill: Dorja announce new guitarist for upcoming July 2017 tour

Paul Gilbert,Billy Sheehan: Rig Rundown - Mr. Big's Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan [2017]

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Jen Majura: ENGL TV - Powerball 2 and Evanescence Gear Showdown

Hovak Alaverdyan, Victor Wooten, Steve Weingart: Octavision's official video for ‘Three Lives' from their progressive metal album.

David Valdes, Paul Wardingham, Paco Hernandez: Third CD from David Valdes - great progressive metal from Tarragona

Husa Toledo: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest 2017

Emil Werstler: Verlorener - Crowd Fund

Luca Mantovanelli: just jamming

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Adam Betts, Matt Calvert, Tom Rogerson: Three Trapped Tigers perform at Audiotree Live, June 9, 2017

Paul Gilbert: trio rockin' - Roberto Galli bass Gabriele Palazzi drums

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