Arkadiy Starodoub: Planet Zero - new album released

Back with a new release Arkadiy Starodoub is a  guitar player based in Moscow.  One of his first videos went viral on YouTube gaining 3 million plus views.

Planet Zero by Arkadiy Starodoub

1. Planet Zero 05:32
2. Dream of my son 06:02
3. Cyber Funk 05:16
4. Patrol 05:45
5. Veneciana 04:51
6. Old Chronicle 05:26
7. Golgotha 04:47
8. Urban Chaos 05:24
9. Winter Etude 02:27

released June 27, 2017

I received the original video from Arkadiy Starodoub back in 31/01/2006 and posted it on google video. It was later downloaded and posted on YouTube by other people. Google video was shut down and I reposted the video back in 23 Apr 2011

Arkadiy Starodoub - Cyber Funk Guitar Fusion