Davide Pepi: "On The Frozen Lake" - Allan Holdsworth Guitar Solo - with transcription

Andrea Maccianti: Axe-Fx2 Patch - Marshall PLEXI 50W "JUMP" - awesome tones!

Kiko Loureiro: at DV Mark Headquarters

Rick Graham: Should I bring This Series Back?

Morgan Reid: Archetype of Destruction - Solo Contest - (Mutiny Within)

Felix Martin: Flashback - Pre-Order Mechanical Nations

Chris Brooks: gets all Vinnie Moore to improve your picking and melodic speed

Andy Gillion, Garrett Peters : Two Dudes, One Guitar... sick!

Alessio Tricarico, Alberto Rigoni: Badass - More Pain, More Gain - new release for Lion Music

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot joins Art of Anarchy - The Madness new “super-group”

Julien Sandiford: Gong Expresso announce new album entitled Decadence.

Yvette Young: Teaming up with protone pedals to release a signature Chorus pedal

Chris Bickley: Shredguy Records is proud to announce its 32nd release, Chris Bickley-Digital Reflection.