Allan Holdsworth: Cutting Room NYC - Series from the Meet and Greet 2013

Ulrich Schadeck: Iconic Solos Series #1 : Symphony of Destruction - Lesson + Tab + Backing track included

Sebastiano Esposito: Something's Crashed (Live Session)

Ryan Carraher: Obscure Sorrows - Second Album - Crowd Funding Campaign

Shawn Lane: Michael G Strickland with Lonely Street Duo - Featuring: Shawn Lane - Marlowe's - 7-14 & 7-21, 1985

Mateus Asato: Atmospheric Sessions |

Adrian Weiss: The Dorian Way (Official Video - HD)

James Norbert Ivanyi: Denalavis - Pray Darkly | OFFICIAL VIDEO

Andrew Kan: FD Ibanez JAM - runner up - but mighty impressive note choices

Feodor Dosumov: Announces results of the Contest "FD Ibanez JAM"

Afraz Mamoon: The Terraformation Of Triton - 2nd track from "Beyond The Event Horizon".

Kiriakos Bouloubasis: Kiriakos GP plays "Lytrosis" on EMGtv

Music is Win, Rick Graham: Online Guitar Students

Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Phil Collen, Warren DiMartini: G4 details announced

Alberto Rigoni, Alessio Tricarico: More Pain, More Gain - debut album

Col. Bruce Hampton: Dead at 70 after collapsing on stage at the end of the Hampton 70 concert - RIP

Hansford Rowe: Pre-order Gong Expresso's new album: Decadence with tribute to Allan Holdsworth

Richard Hallebeek: SOL51 Dedicated to Allan Holdsworth

Silvio Gazquez: Practicing "Night Sky" y "Summer of 09" from the album "Night Sky"

Scott Van Zen: with Miqui G Coffee Break Funk 1 8 E 100 bpm

Kirk Fletcher: Maison Folie Hospice D'Havré - Live Tourcoing - 2017

Eloy Oliveira: Improvisation - Latin Fusion - JTC backing track from a Kiko Loureiro BT

Robert Baker: Classy tones - When The Time Comes - Acacia Guitars

Stel Andre: Metal Jam - Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty 7

Zendhy Kusuma: Half Whole Diminished lines.

Alberto Rigoni, Mattias IA Eklundh: announces that guitar Freak guitar merchant, Eklundh, will appear on upcoming BASS solo EP