George Constantine Kratsas: The God Complex || Fishman Fluence Abasi Set

Wanted to hype the guitar parts on this particular mixdown ( this track is taken from my band's official release, Manhattan Project - Engineering Chaos ),
THUS the mid-range area of the spectrum is exaggerated and the rhythm parts are quite raw!
I've used #Mercuriall_Audio SPARK plug-in for all the guitars (rhythm/lead/clean) and followed a multi-layering technique from low to high gain sounds.
I've also used #Two_Notes_Audio_Engineering Torpedo's cab impulses (Angl VintC to be exact).

My weapon of choice is my custom made #GOC_guitars 8-string headless guitar.

As far as the pickups go, from a guitarist's and more so from an engineer's perspective they're incomparable...Plain and simple!
The definition and string separation (specially on the lower register on my 8string) are unparalleled.
Combining, literally, the best from the active and passive worlds: stable and nicely compressed sign (with LOTS of headroom) and crazily dynamical over all, for an almost mix-ready output.
Finally, the unique feature about the #Tosin_Abasi #Fishman_Fleuence signature set is the TRUE single coil....Not spit nor tap, providing a versatile (strat/tele sounds instantly) and at the same time very aggressive and gnarly sound pallet.

The production, mix and mastering process have been taken care completely by me, so hit me up for any production related services!

As I said, this track is the opening track of my band's full length instrumental album you can enjoy here:

The God Complex || Fishman Fluence Abasi Set