George Lynch, Atsushi Yokoseki, Anchang, Kelly Simonz, Igarashi Guitarist 7 Special Medley "Long Live Shred Guitar!"

[See below for guitar solo times.] In the March issue of Young Guitar, guitarists who have no relation to "bitterness" continue to play hotly, entitled "Long Live Shred Guitar!" He speaks a lot of his beliefs. A total of seven skillful players appearing in the video linked to the web. They put on individual backing solos on a metallic backing pattern made for this time. Enjoy the special medley realized only by young guitar! [Guitar Solo]
0:26 Ex-A George Lynch
0:48 Ex-B Atsushi Yokoseki
1:30 Ex-C Anchang
1:52 Ex-D Igarashi ☆ sun-go ☆ Miki
2:56 Ex-E Kelly SIMONZ
3:17 Ex-F ROLLY
3:39 Ex-G Issued on Kisushi Shima, issue: Young Guitar March 2020 issue
Amazon: 37J6Mlz

Guitarist 7 Special Medley "Long Live Shred Guitar!" Young Guitar March