XiVa, ryöga: Zetsu - Fairy Empire “the age of villains”

Two newly enlisted guitarists—the full album of the fairy empire, the age of villains, released under a new regime, including Corporal XiVa and Corporal ryöga. Here, we will present a play-through video of “Zetsu”, where guitar solos are important, and an excerpt of “Gokuno Illusion” by Corporal XiVa and “IRON ROSE” by Corporal ryöga. In the May 2020 issue of Young Guitar, a music score corresponding to this video and an interview where the two talk about their new work with life dictator Yui (vo) will be published! Details: https://youngguitar.jp/yg/yg-202005

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3aGzjJS

Fairy Empire “the age of villains” Video-linked playing feat. Corporal XiVa & Corporal ryöga