Chris Feener: monster guitarist is back with Qyn (pronounced cain)

Hey guys, Chris here. I just wanted to do a little introductory video for a project that's been in the works for quite a few years now entitled "qyn".

Myself and my vocalist friend and writing partner Johnny Ennis have been writing material off and on for quite some time, and the stars have aligned as it were as we're both currently living in the same town again, with the same musical goals. We've been producing some pretty killer tunes that we're quite proud of, as well as resurrecting and reinvigorating old material that some of you may have already heard.

We're about half way through the writing stage and the music just keeps gettin' heavier and more rockin' so, we're stoked. We have a bunch of killer musicians on board when it comes time to track and our goal is to bring it to life in a live setting as soon as the album is relased, and the tentative date for that is fall 2016.

So, like our page as we'll be posting all kinds of footage from tracking, pre-production, just being total jackasses, and all that good stuff.

Share our page, spread the word. We're a metal band from Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, and I don't know if there's any other metal bands from Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland so... You may as well check it out...

NEW PROJECT - qyn - Album Due Fall 2016