Dave Sharman : 'Frantic' rock shred tapping guitar (without outro)

Dave Sharman : 'Frantic' rock shred tapping guitar.

Dave Sharman : 'Borrowed Time' rock shred tapping guitar

Dave Sharman : Forever and a Day, Lead guitar : Uplifting Epic Guitar

Dave Sharman : Andromeda (Dave + space version) incredible guitar tapping anthem

Dave Sharman : Tequila Junction (tapping part)

Dave Sharman : Andromeda

Dave Sharman : 'Cos You're A Woman' guitar solo

Dave Sharman : 'Evolution Machine' - Space Age Rock Odyssey

Dave Sharman : 'Home' guitar solo

Dave Sharman : 'Man' guitar solo (just Dave) classic rock

Dave Sharman : Spellbinder + harmony

Dave Sharman: Jackson Soloist USA Custom Shop Blue & White Signature Model

Dave Sharman: Forever And A Day

Dave Sharman: Trucker from the album 'Exit Within'

Dave Sharman : Andromeda Part 1

Dave Sharman: Hunger - Guitar Solo

Dave Sharman: Guitar School

Dave Sharman: Andromeda - the tapping tour de force from Exit Within

Dave Sharman: Evolution Machine available online