Steve Hunt, Roberto Badoglio, Virgil Donati, Bjoessi Kluetsch: Beyond Turbines - high energy progressive fusion

Sometimes I think I'm asleep, missing some great stuff... this is one of those moments. If you are a progressive legato fusion fan then I advise you to checkout Steve Hunt, Roberto Badoglio, Virgil Donati, Bjoessi Kluetsch: Beyond Turbines, a great find. I must be awake again!

Italian bassist Roberto Badoglio, German guitarist Bjossi Klutsch, and American keyboardist Steve Hunt have come together to form a new band “BEYOND TURBINES” and create all new music. Special guest appearance by Australian drummer Virgil Donati rounds out the quartet with his brilliant mind blowing unique performance on the CD. The result is high energy progressive fusion with a new sound and direction, intricately arranged yet laced with free flowing extended improvisations throughout the recording. This new 2015 self-titled Album "Beyond Turbines" is a must for discerning listeners of instrumental Jazz Fusion. Hunt, Donati, Klutsch and Badoglio produce musical energy, fire and sparks that will be sure to bring emotions, imagination and pure enjoyment to the ears and mind of the listeners taking it all in. This work as a whole will take you on an amazing journey from beginning to end. Enjoy!!

1. Berlin 9:07
2. Tyger 12:10
3. Half Life 6:07
4. What We Used to Be 10:23
5. Cobra Rings Twice 6:38
6. Askja 7:42
7. Zawinul 6:40
8. The State of the Heart 8:19

A short documentary with interviews and studio moments of Steve Hunt, Roberto Badoglio, Virgil Donati and Bjoessi Kluetsch, recording for the debut album of the new project Beyond Turbines.Album is produced by Steve Hunt and Spice Rack records, looking at the middle of May as a releasing date.
Footages by Johannes Kluetsch and Marian Lenhard, edited by Bjoessi and Rob.

BEYOND TURBINES-Short Documentary

Beyond Turbines - "Berlin" (HD 2016)