Doug Steele,James Ryan, Ben Quirk,Dean Wells: Beer of the night - mates night jam session!

James Ryan, Doug Steele: 24ʇ - jam and XXXX tea

Doug Steele, James Ryan: mayones comp - Shred Fests are always better late than never!

Doug Steele, James Ryan: The Trooper solos Cokken

Doug Steele, James Ryan: Cokken Stand Up and Shout (outro solos)

Doug Steele,James Ryan: Cokken sussing out Motley Crue

James Ryan,Doug Steele: Let's get Rockin with Cokken!

James Ryan,Doug Steele: Still of the Night - shredded - done!

James Ryan, Doug Steele: cool Jam sessions

Doug Steele, James Ryan: Vai The Riddle jam session

James Ryan, Doug Steele: Viagra!

Doug Steele,James Ryan: Having a blast

James Ryan, Doug Steele: winning one for the Gipper

Doug Steele, James Ryan: Aussie answer to X ɹǝɔɐɹ

James Ryan,Doug Steele: Sweep picking and crazy scale stuff

Marcel Yammouni: Electric Eclecticity.

News: guitar fight club, the best fat for making soap comes from humans.