Paul Wardingham, Wes Thrailkill, John Huldt: Kiesel Artists Mega Jam

Hello everybody! So my good and talented friend and fellow Kiesel Artist, Borja Mintegiaga & me, had the idea of a huge Kiesel Artists Youtube Jam! Borja composed this awesome backing track and we invited a huge list of fellow artists! Honored to play among all these phenomenal players and also to be part of the best guitar company in the world. Enjoy watching and don't forget to Like the video and Subscribe. Also check below for all the artists links! Thanks :)
00:14 Alex Campbell
00:44 Paul Wardingham
01:13 Borja Mintegiaga 
01:43 Rafael Trujillo 
02:13 Brandon Parker 
02:42 Bugra Sisman 
03:11 Chris Kelly 
03:41 Thomas McRocklin 
04:11 Wes Thrailkill 
04:40 Jason Tarantino 
05:09 Stel Andre 
05:39 John Huldt 
06:09 Sophie Lloyd 
06:38 Laura Klinkert 
07:08 Marcus Noga 
07:37 Oni Hasan 
08:07 Michael Hermes 
08:37 Chrys Johnson 
09:06 Nick Rossi 
09:35 Roberto De Michelli 
10:05 Kenny Gerbick

Kiesel Artists Mega Jam