Peter Ema, Mike LePond, Atma Anur: Friends of Jason announce details of upcoming CD to support Jason Becker

Peter Ema: I asked my friends to collaborate with me to create a band and record some tracks to sell online and donate all the money of the sell to Jason. 
We covered 4 tracks of Show-Ya,  a Japanese female hard rock band of the 80's. They are so cool, we had a lot of fun. 
Here play my friend Atma, Mike Le Pond of Symphony x, Michael T. Ross and many more as you can see on Fb page  'friends of Jason'.  We also have  Miko that sings all in Japanese. 
Another funny things is that we all live in different places so i organized all just 'via email' . Haha 
The CD will be on sale within one or two weeks. It was  mixed and mastered by Mr. Cuniberti. He also helped a lot.
Atma Anur (Drums)
Mike LePond (bass)
Michael T. Ross (keyboard)
Peter Ema (guitar)
Miko Thatcher (lead vocal)

Special Guests
PJ d'Atri (guitar)
Dave Reffett (guitar)
Jani J. Szentkiralyi (guitar)
Steve Minelli (guitar)
Alina (background vocal)