Scott Jones: Details Of upcoming project with crowdfunding to be announced soon! - Check out the mouthwatering line up!!

Scott Jones

Just a reminder about my latest project. In process.

It is a 3 volume release:

Vol 1 will be modern jazz standards featuring the songs of Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Steps Ahead, ECM label artists, Metheny, 70's era John Scofield.

Vol 2 will feature the songs of the modern songwriter era like Peter Gabriel, Sting, the Beatles, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and David Bowie all done in a modern jazz setting.

Vol 3 to be decided.

And featuring the following musicians:

Myself with Scott Lerner, Scott Henderson, Tom Quayle, Mark Lettieri, Dave Liebman, Jonah Nilsson, Jay Oliver, Jostein Gulbrandsen, Jason Spell, Bill Clark, Gary Husband, Paul Pieper, William Lenihan, Simon Peter King, Camille Bertault, Juan Diego Chandra Dhas, Pete Ruthenburg, Guthrie Govan, Brad Gregg, Dave Kain, Camilo Velanda, Damian Erskine, Fran Merante, Bobby Parrs (producing), Steve Pruitt, Taylor Roberts, Sebastiian Cornelissen, James Jackson, Wendell Holmes, {Noel Johnston, Jesse Gannon, Tom Byrne (not pictured).}

Crowdfunding will be announced soon!