Alex Martinho,Sydnei Carvalho,Gustavo di Padua: Double Vision - live

This is the last song of the show. In the following Monday will be posted three videos "bonus tracks" that complete the online DVD.For more info: This show marks the 20th anniversary of instrumental solo career of Alex, who started on his return to Brazil after attending GIT (USA) in 1992.complete show with big band, string quartet and special guests.Produced by Alex Martin, co-produced by Sydnei Carvalho and Gustavo di Padua. Following the last music being posted, the full show in high definition will also be available for free download on the site CREDITS: Recorded at the Teatro Municipal João Caetano (Niterói-RJ) on 06 October 2011 .Produced by Alex Martin Co-Produced by Sydnei Carvalho and Gustavo di Padua All compositions and arrangements by Alex Martin except "Gratefullness" and "Double Vision" (Martin and Alex Carvalho Sydnei) Musicians: Alex Martin - Guitar Gustavo di Padua - Guitar Jorge Mathias - Bass Rodrigo Martin - Drums Deivison White - Violin Hugo Baptista - Violin Vanessa Dutkus - Viola Daniel Silva - Cello Special Interests: Sydnei Carvalho - Guitar Daniel S'antana - Guitar Kuko Moura - Piano Victor Rangel - Publishing and Imaging Gustavo di Padua - Mixing and Mastering Audio Selim Humbaraci and staff - Cameras Anderson "Kbeça" - Capture audio"Palito" - Light Cris Ribeiro - Photos Thiago Freitas - Assistant General Flavio Freitas - Roadie ALEX USA: NIG Strings and Pedals | guitars NZAGANIN | cables SANTO ANGELO | SERGIO pickups Rosar | accessories PowerClick

Music 15 - "Double Vision" - DVD "Alex Martinho 20 years of road"

"L.A." - DVD "Alex Martinho 20 years of road" (Bônus track)