Stéphan Forté, Daniele Gottardo, Jason Becker: one place in time

Dave Reffett, Michael Angelo Batio: Dave bags a slot on the upcoming MAB release

Richie Kotzen,Billy Sheehan,Mike Portnoy: Power Trio Rising from the Ashes

Francesco Artusato: All Shall Perish US tour announced

Allan Holdsworth: Quartet - White Line 1978

Brian May: full interview Bristol Community Radio 2012

Robert Sarzo: Dio Disciples Living Legends NAMM 2012

Shane Gibson: stOrk and SchwarZenator gives a big Interview At JamPlay

Craig Erickson:electric guitar loops

Chris Brooks: Licks on Demand #4: Economical speed picking ala Yngwie

Anusorn Jeekeeree: tribute to Guthrie Govan

Arnaud: Charvel Guitar given a run out

Chris Brooks: Guitar Licks on Demand #5: Kotzen / Gilbert legato arpeggio

Fabrice Lacourt: Jazz Fusion Licks with Tab

Kiko Loureiro,Rodrigo Rodrigues: hidden video see light of day

Nor­zamri Lagenda: the quest for speed never ceases to amaze me...

Dimitar Nalbantov: Overloud TH2 Randall MTS Grail

Steve Morse,Sterling Ball,Albert Lee: Winter NAMM 2012

Rob Balducci: awesome Studio Devil Amp Sim NAMM 2012

Fabrice Lacourt: Shred Fusion Tapping tabs and demo

Juan Carlos Portillo: song for Fender Telecaster 60 Anniversary

Ricardo Marins: funky win from the new album "The big Bang"