Ricardo Marins: funky win from the new album "The big Bang"

From the upcoming album:
"The BIG BANG!!!"

(So good if Stevie W.could ... )
(Ricardo Marins)

Guitars,Hammond Organ,Loops,Synths:
Ricardo Marins
Claudio Infante
Bass Guitar:
Fabio Lessa
Wurlitzer, Clavinet:
Rannieri Oliveira
Recorded at Griph Estudio,Estudio Omega and many hotel rooms while on Tour...
Mixed by:
Junior Castanheira
Ricardo Marins
Abbey Road Studios and Estudio Omega
Produced by:
Ricardo Marins
Co-Produced by:
Junior Castanheira
Ricardo uses:
GNI Pedals and Strings
Snake Amps and Cabinets
Roland/Boss products
Fire Pedalboards
Nova Disconildo

Luigi Cimafonte Guitars

RICARDO MARINS - "STEVIE..." From the upcoming album: "The BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!"