Brad Russell,Joe Satriani: Debut CD 'Let's Hear It'

Panos Arvanitis: demo from upcoming solo album

Pipo Ledesma: jams over Brett Garsed - I got the horn

Darko Jurković Charlie: two guitar, two handed jazz tapping

Arnaud: Street Fighter 2 Guile theme metal guitar

Robin Trower: delays UK tour dates

Florian Hofer,Atma Anur,Barend Courbois: European tour - Acoustic European tour

Vincenzo Fiore: Jazz patterns

Travis LeVrier,Chris Letchford: Artist Licks

Jason Becker,Stéphan Forté,Marcel Coenen: Opus Pocus

Axel Weiss: Flow - new jazz CD

Jace Parales: Of Warps And Ripples

Ruggero Robin: Kick ass fusion with the BKK Trio