Stéphan Forté: The newsletter is out!

Julius Pabiona: French Guitar competition

Qtink Friesco: Super Two Handed Tapper from Indonesia

Misha Mansoor: Periphery: Interview

Ian Rockett: Strandberg Boden8 - Saviours - Shattered Skies

Joezer Basilio: Heart Bleeds - very classy ballad solo

Bruce Bouillet: super stoked after Japan trip!

Daniele Gottardo: crowd funding packages

Nick Kellie: Evertune bridge and beard for the win!

Kelly Simonz: Blue Monday - the End of the Beginning - DVD

Steve Vai: introduces his new signature model UV70

Davide Montorsi: Mini Legato Fusion Jam on Rick Graham track

Alejandra Mesliuk: alternate picking exercise for speed.

Dallton Santos: Deconstructing - Beat It

Ossi Maristo: Degree C Exam Concert

Misha Mansoor: Periphery - full Paris show 05/01/2013

Jan Laurenz: Greensleeves on tenor guitar

Mick Sweda,David Michael-Philips,Carmine Appice: King Kobra - II - Official New Album 2013

Mirko Quaglio: legato fly tipping

Fran Alonso: ByTheFace - Beat It - Las Palmas 2013

Chris Gordon: Rockett pedals - Shredding the Animal

Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich: Whitesnake's explosive new double live album “Made In Britain”/ “The World Record”