Misha Mansoor: Periphery - full Paris show 05/01/2013

Exclusive video.
1st show of the brand new european tour of Periphery with Syqem and Tesseract as support bands.

Periphery is an American metal band from Bethesda, Maryland (by way of Baltimore, Maryland), formed in 2005 by guitarist Misha Mansoor. The band is known for their heavy, modern, and progressive sound that includes polyrhythmic patterns and soaring melodies. Periphery features three guitar players and is also known as one of the forerunners of the progressive metal movement known as "djent," which is characterized by low to mid-gain, overdriven palm-muted guitar sound first created by the likes of the Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah

  • Misha Mansoor
  • Jake Bowen
  • Matt Halpern
  • Spencer Sotelo
  • Mark Holcomb
  • Adam(Nolly)Getgood
01:22 Ragnarok
07:04 Scarlet
12:03 Jetpacks Was Yes 2.0
16:54 Luck As A Constant
22:32 Have A Blast
29:09 Facepalm Mute
32:48 Make Total Destroy
37:15 Icarus Lives
43:45 RATM - Killing In The Name Of
46:12 Intro + Racecar!!