Alejandra Mesliuk: alternate picking exercise for speed.

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Hey guys,
In this guitar lesson we would like to introduce to you a great female guitarist from Argentina, she is called Alejandra Mesliuk. So, in today´s lesson, she gives you a cool exercise for developing the right hand technique, what we called alternate picking. This guitar technique consists in playing each note with all down and upstrokes. We will never play two notes with the same picking direction.
So, the idea is that you start this exercise very slow at first and then start adding some speed gradually with a metronome.

Ok, hope this helps and don´t forget to come up with your own ideas, which is the best advice for starting to find `your´ unique sound and style. That is all for today... Also I suggest that you keep enjoying and learning from Alejandra and all the staff from! Where? In our free guitar lessons at