Robbert Hanenberg: Soloing over Purplee Rainnn

Billy Kibble: Jaden Rose Tachyon 6 Bare Knuckle - Aftermath

George Marios: jam over Rob Thomas's 'Wonderful'

Rick Graham: emoting the 80's

Simon Goldsmith: Disco Funk Backing Track [Cm] and full EP of Hypervirtua

Edward Box: more details from Lion Music about the “Motion Control” release

Jennifer Batten: announces Intensive rhythm guitar workshop

John Kiefer: Thursday for a night of scary music…

Richard Hinks,Matt Shepherd: New EP "Self Portrait" release date announced

Jason Sadites, Ric Fierabracci, Marco Minnemann: finalizes the line-up of musicians for his upcoming new CD

Daniele Liverani: Fantasia - the new album details

Riccardo Gioggi: Designs - performance playthrough

Mattias IA Eklundh: Johnny the Metronome

Annie Grunwald: announces availability for session work and private lessons

Jeff Kollman: super tribute to the late great Gary Moore

Rune Berre: pedal anxiety - Toontrack/Periphery solo

Ben Higgins: Jason Becker Style Soloing

Scott Gailor: Gruv Gear Fret Wrap Demo 2013

Guthrie Govan: The Player's Player

Marcus Jidell: Riffs and Solos of Avatarium

Nick Johnston: Feat. Paul Gilbert - Trick Question - Guitar Solo

Oreste Benigno: More Project "Kashmir"

Richie Allan: answering the question on

Rick Graham: Sunday evening Improvisation