Damian Salazar: Street Arpeggios at the speed of light

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen announce Finland tour dates

Mike Campese: announces NAMM appearance

Ozielzinho: RESGATE - classy pro shot playthrough

Claudio Pietronik: Improvisation over my backing track for Jamtrackcentral

Vinnie Moore: performs in Nagaland

Mitsuhisa Sakamoto: DV Mark Multiamp in their Nov 2014 issue.

Rob Scallon: Royale (9 string slap)

Thomas Blug: workshop in Taichung , Monk Custom - Taiwan 2014

Cameron Allen: Jamming on "Giant Steps"

Isaac Negrene: 9 Note Symmetrical Scale

Michael Angelo Batio: European tour dates

Dean Wells: Music Man appearance announced for NAMM

Todd Grubbs: Time Phazer - original live play through

Fred Brum: Caparison C2 Series Guitars - Vengeance

Steve Stevens: Lucas H Gordon Show interview - with Spanish subtitles

Nicolas Waldo: Master Of The Universe - Lion usic new album

Andre Nieri: Bogner ATMA 18w

Ola Englund: Guitar Lesson - seven-string chord playing

Francesco Marras: Close your eyes (Jason Rullo guest)

Lorenzo Venza: Scott Henderson - The Big Wave

Sean Ashe: Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel - 'Gingerburst'

Matt Powell: Introshred – first original metal song - guitar tutor Andy Gillion!

George Marios: Jam - Licklibrary Guitar Lessons