Oscar Hall: A Nature of Sorts - Glass Skies new album - fusion djent jazz from the United Kingdom

Rohan Stevenson: I Built The Sky - Pannus - I challenged myself to write and complete a song in 24 hours

Hans Van Even: N-Land - solos - with Fractal Audio FX8 - super quality, watch in HD

Damien Ossart-Villanova: shredder disease - Fusion impro on a Tom Quayle backing track with a HM strat

Dweezil Zappa, Richard Hallebeek: Zappa Plays Zappa jams on ‘Cosmik Debris’

The Count: Stringkiller - from the abum More Is More - Featuring twitcher Bill Oddie

Tony MacAlpine: Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine - On Sale Now

Andee Blacksugar: Broke out the old Strat to play Gun Fetish

Jason Sadites: Amps & Axes Quick Lick #43 w

Rick Graham: Here's Some Music I Wrote about 13 years ago

Roberto Restuccia: Letting your Emotions go with a Gibson

Guthrie Govan: gets the keys to the city of Chiang Mai!

Ola Englund: Washburn Solar 16 TBLM - UltraHD

Gustavo Di Padua: Quarto Escuro - "Dark Room" (The Other Side)

Tom Quayle: Modal Interchange - Free Guitar Lesson 2

Trae Titus, Evan Webster: Pangaea - Aokigahara Guitar Playthrough

Doug Wahlberg: Releases Debut Album "Flying Under The Radar"

Joe Bonamassa: Promise fulfilled - Full Show at Mr Kyps on November 1, 2015

Katalina González: May and Path Cosmic - classy rock fusion at jazz al parque 2015

Mai Agan: MaiGroup - Something magical @ Terevisioon - I want day time TV like this now!

Allan Holdsworth: Rare Live Shows / Rare Live Streaming / Rare Tour T-Shirt

Milan Polak: Autumn version for that spring classic "April Sky" solo