Trae Titus, Evan Webster: Pangaea - Aokigahara Guitar Playthrough

Band Members
Vocals: Michael Dionne
Guitar: Trae Titus
Guitar: Evan Webster
Bass: Spencer Fox
Drums: Steve Meyer

Pangaea is a Wisconsin-based five piece that draws from numerous influences, creating music that appeals to all fans of heavy music. With this wide variety of musical influences, Pangaea brings elements from all styles of music together into one eclectic piece of art. Their debut EP entitled, “Unified,” experiments with combining progressive yet crushing breakdowns and technical melodic riffs with colorful vocal harmonies that tastefully complement dynamic underlying guitar passages. Unafraid to experiment, Pangaea doesn’t force all of its focus on heaviness or technicality. Rather, the band strives to write songs that are authentic and inventive, with hopes to guide heavy music in a new direction. 5.29.15 will see the release of the band's sophomore EP "Roots" and plans on extensive touring in support of it for the rest of 2015.
1. Old Soul 06:34
2. The Balance 06:01
3. Gaia: Separation 01:35
4. Gaia: Reconciliation 08:39
5. Roots 04:36
6. Aokigahara 07:55

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Location: Wisconsin, USA
Genre: Progressive Metal

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Pangaea - Aokigahara (Guitar Playthrough)

Pangaea - "Thanatophobia" (Play-through)