Rob Marcello: Tracking solos for the debut "The Defiants" album Pt.3 - GJ2 "Glendora" with Grover Jackson "Habanero" pickups

John Petrucci: MESA/Boogie JP-2C Signature Mark IIC+ Official Demo

Greg Koch: Fishman Fluence Telecaster Pickups NAMM 2016 - everyone loves a bit of Koch

Greg Koch: Friedman Amps - An Interview and Playthrough with Dave Friedman NAMM 2016

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot announces 4 dates in Thailand

Victor Wooten: EnterTalk Radio and Pitbull Audio interview about Fodera at NAMM 2016

Jake Reichbart: fingerstyle guitar arrangement of Allan Holdsworth, Dodgy Boat, Steve Hunt.

Kee Poh Hock,Myles Yang: Native Construct live at Winter NAMM 2016

Simon King: cooking up some Michelin starred Stadium Jazz

Gus G, George Marios: Jamming with Gus G from Firewind/Ozzy from 2007 Guitar Clinic

Federico Malaman, Virgil Donati: Brain Variations of Water On The Brain Pt. 2

Alex Hutchings: Boss Blues Cube Artist NAMM 2016

Chris Broderick: Beau Monde Guitars talk to Chris about Jackson Guitars NAMM 2016

Nick Andrew: Burn organ - furtive jam on the old organ

John Page, Greg Koch: Interview about the new John Page Guitars NAMM 2016

Greg Koch, Eric Gales: Soulful Jam NAMM 2016

Rob Marcello: Lick Of The Day #2 country flavored run in G

Steve Saluto: Angel & Destroyer - promo video

Simon King: A little lesson on phrasing - Acquired by the Borg

Yvette Young: available for guitar lessons

Jane Getter, Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm, Adam Holzman, Corey Glover: Premonition featuring Corey Glover "Surprised" Live at the Iridium

Guthrie Govan: Volume 3 of Guthrie Govan's Odd Time Licks: 9/8

Dave Kilminster: Live Rig With Steven Wilson, 2016

Christian Muenzner, Jimmy Pitts: Eternity's End sign to Prog Power label