Jake Reichbart: fingerstyle guitar arrangement of Allan Holdsworth, Dodgy Boat, Steve Hunt.

Jake Reichbart

Welcome to my weekly solo guitar arrangement video! You'd never know it by my usual postings of jazz and pop arrangements but my greatest musical inspiration is Allan Holdsworth. None of his actual playing style rubbed on to what I do but that doesn't mean I can't pay tribute using my own particular style so here is "Dodgy Boat" off "Wardenclyffe Tower" (a Steve Hunt composition, it should be mentioned). I do have one more such tribute for "Atavachron", even including a lesson, check it out. As always, please "like", share, comment, and above all, enjoy!

I'm taking this opportunity to offer a "Tune Challenge", something a few of my esteemed colleagues have started a while ago. The challenge is to cover a Holdsworth tune, whether chord melody, or with a track, any way you want to do it. I will, however, draw a restriction: No Fred, Red Alert, Proto Cosmos, and similar. These are wonderful tunes, and even he still plays them, but what I'm looking for is really digging into his solo albums starting with IOU and drawing out tunes no one covers, probably because "it's too much work", Similarly, nothing off "None Too Soon", playing "How Deep is the Ocean" is cool, but it's not really a tribute to Holdsworth... Just use the tag‪#‎allanholdsworthchallenge‬. This is open to anyone who is interested, I can think of Sylvain Courtney, Taylor Roberts, Camilo Velandia, Simon Peter King,Sam Dunn, Dave Manley, and feel free to add cats who may be interested...