News: Voyager, Leprous & Earthside European tour 2016

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - 2016 UK Tour Dates

Anton Tsygankov: Alien Guitar on a dark side 2 - a genuine case of WTF

Jose Macario: proving that 8 string fingerstyle doesn't need to djent

Nino: Alteration - Guitar Playthrough Progressive Metal from Beirut, Lebanon

Adam Skantze: Sentience - Aspirate and An Ecstasy Of Light - from the forth coming Sentience album, "OLEKA" - great melodic technical metal

Jo le Boubi: #Solocontest2016 packed with tapping technique goodness

Sam Birchall, Adam Skantze: The Aleph - Play-Through

Wayde Cooper: A different Approach to String Skipping - purple hair not required

Simon Kinny-Lewis. Anton Davidyants: I Smell Trouble from new electric blues album

Jostein Odland: presents the advanced guitar solo tutorial : Extremeskipping

Davide Pagano: master Italian fusion returns with guitar playthrough from new song

Denis Shvarts: Dark Matter Secret ''Unhuman Lifeform'' from Xenoform - progressive metal Guitar Playthrough