Aaron Marshall, Plini: Kill The Music interview

Robert Marcello: Goodbye To Romance, No Bone Movies and Children Of The Grave solos

Oskar Villarreal: Jordy Babcock Web Jam - web cam jam

Scott Carstairs: of Fallujah and his Buckeye Burl Kiesel K7

Sergey Golovin: MXR EVH 5150 with English Subtitles

Vinnie Vincent: Boyz Are Gonna Rock - Vinnie Vincent Invasion - in honour of 1986

Darren Housholder: Plays and Explains "When In Rome" and "Expresso"

Corey Mastrangel, Grant Mayer: Vasudeva on Audiotree Live math rock from New Jersey

Danny Bryant: Blood Money 180G Red Vinyl and German Tour dates

Chantel McGregor: Improvisation Session - Bristol Tunnels and latest tour dates

Vladimir Maisiuk: JTC-Jam Of The Month(March 2016)

Pete Cottrell: Apps used in this video are: BeatMaker 2, GarageBand, Drums XD, Positive Grid Jamup/Bias, GeoShred, Audio Bus and Positive Grid Final Touch

Francesco Artusato: teaches how to play the intro lick from the new Devil You Know song "Master of None"

Andy Timmons: Premier Guitar Rig Rundown

Ali Najeeb: legato for Exivious (Entrust) Solo Contest 2013

Afaq Adnan: legato yourock midi guitar gen2 going through sylenth vsti.

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats Deluxe Album Box Set

Lari Basílio: Revolution - recorded in the studios of Cifra Club

Funtwo: All for One One for All

Hedras Ramos: Cort Source - Minor Blues Michael Jackson Style

Ola Englund: Sinvertek No 5 Distortion - Metal

Rob Scallon: One String Battle (ft. Davie504