Andy Timmons: Premier Guitar Rig Rundown

Article and photos:

Andy Timmons is currently on the Ultimate Guitar Experience tour with fellow 6-stringers Jennifer Batten and Uli John Roth. Before their soundcheck in Nashville at the Basement East, Timmons demonstrated how he gets studio-quality tones onstage.

Timmons still uses the first prototype AT100 that Ibanez built. He’s so attached to it, that he even knows it’s birthday (Valentine’s Day of 1994). The bridge pickup is a DiMarzio AT-1 and he uses DiMarzio Cruiser in the neck and bridge positions.

For a slightly different tone, Timmons goes with a 2008 Ibanez AT10RP prototype that features a rosewood fretboard. Each guitar is strung up with a set of .010–.046 D’Addario strings.

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Rig Rundown - Andy Timmons