Samuli Federley: Intro solo from Rockway clinic

Julian Scarcella: Ibanez Flying Finger 2016 Julian Scarcella Hameln, Deutschland

Kostas Alexakis: Alex K - Prince Tribute

Stéphan Forté, Franck Hermanny, Atma Anur, Marcel Coenen: playing Jason Becker's OPUS POCUS

JiYeon Lee: Extreme - politicalamity- teacher Su mi Lee

Sarah Longfield: Cranial Metropolis performance playthrough

Victor Wooten: Talks About Hal Leonard and the Music Industry at NAMM 2016

Craig Erickson: funky original ..opening for Eric Gales w John Hall,Jon Wilson,T-Bone Giblin and Alicia Strong

Ulisses Miyazawa: Van Halen Dreams - Vocals, guitar and all instruments

Artesguitars: Instrumental playthrough

Gus G: Lesson - "Losing My Mind" Tapping Segment

Mohini Dey: Prodigy talks about being different and the excitement of working with Steve Vai

Akshay Chowdhry, Sumant Balakrishnan: Barefaced Liar - with Michael Angelo Batio - great Modern Rock - Check it out!