Gabe Pietrzak: International Jam solo

Adieu Adyu: Testing my New Boden Prog 7

Ola Englund: The Haunted "Time(Will not Heal)" - Tab in Video

Dhalif Ali: Looper Friedman Runt 20 Fun - tasty tones

Yuki: D_Drive - Advance and Attack / D_Drive

John Norum: Flying Eagle J.Norum Custom by Paoletti Guitars

David Maxim Micic: New Guitars, New Workspace, Sordid Pink, etc... (update video)

Drewsif Stalin: Making Guitar/Bass Playthrus for CHEAP

Joel Hoekstra: Interview - Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Cher - Everyone Loves Guitar #225

Richard Hallebeek: Creative Lick Phrasing Guidebook Introduction

Andy James: The Captain Meets Shred Machine

Béla Fleck, Abigail Washburn: Clawhammer vs. Three-Finger Banjo Style | Reverb Interview

Gretchen Menn: in the VG New Gear Yearbook 2018

Irene Ketikidi: New Release: A Sky For All - Studio Stories


Leonardo Guzman: Cali Pachanguero - SALSA goes METAL

Dallas Perkins: Free Form Licks and Guitar Improv 2015

Sam Bell: 8 String Guitar, Mask of Judas Album & Musical Identity

Jack Thammarat: Andy Timmons Style Backing Track Jam in E

Andy Wood, Troy Grady: The Pendulum Of Death and Live Workshop! Electric Guitar Technique

Colm Linday: The Last Word - JTC Jam of the Month April '18 - super tasteful

Mrs. Smith: BackStory Presents: Mrs. Smith Live from The Cutting Room