Irene Ketikidi: New Release: A Sky For All - Studio Stories

So there it is.. after months of work on recording, editing, mixing, mastering, tea drinking and artwork design, I proudly present you with my second album "A Sky For All"!

It's been a really long break since my first release, during which I explored the guitar in different ways and actually waited to write music from the heart. All my deepest thoughts and a lot of personal experiences moulded this album, so I hope you will appreciate it and somehow get to know me better by listening to it.

"A Sky For All" will be available on all major online retailers May the 5th (coincidentally my name day woohoo!) and on CD late June 2018.

As you probably guessed, I am doing this as a self-release and could use all the help I could get for pressing those those beautiful CDs! If you would like to support me and receive the CD before anyone else in the world, please click on the link below to pre-order:

Promo video will be coming up next with some really cool behind the scenes studio footage by Nikos Kallipolitis.

Huge thanks to these absolute stars who helped take the record to a whole new level with their wonderful playing:

Drums Michael Kapilidis
Bass Kostis Vihos
Keys Makis Tsamkosoglou
Slide guitar on track 5 Charalampos 'Babis' Tyropoulos

Recorded and mixed at MD Recording Studio by Nikos M. Michalodimitrakis

Mastered at Metropolis Studios by Andy Hippy Baldwin

Exceptional artwork by Phi Factor Photography

Awesome graphics by DN Design

New Release: A Sky For All - Studio Stories (teaser)