Leonardo Guzman: Cali Pachanguero - SALSA goes METAL

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What UP Youtube ☼ !, I'm back, as some of you maybe did notice, i'm uploading more content and my channel is all well groomed and aesthetically presented to you (take a look, more stuff on English on the estove, so hold on). By now you can enjoy this...

Here it is, finally!, my take on a very well-known song from my country... played mostly on parties... its a beautiful tune, so well written in both ways musical and lyrically.

Arrangement: Leonardo Guzman
Guitar, Bass, Cuatro Puerto-riqueño: Leonardo Guzman
Drum, Percussion, Programming: Leonardo Guzman
Mixing & Mastering: Leonardo Guzman
Video: Leonardo Guzman
Señora de los tintos (coffee lady): Leonardo Guzman

Original Tune by Grupo Niche (http://www.gruponiche.com/)
"No Hay Quinto Malo" - 1984 - Internacional Records.
Music and lyrics by : Jairo Varela

Pump it up - Technotronic

All rights reserved ®

Guitar: Boden8 by http://strandbergguitars.com
Amp: SH5 by http://www.taurus-amp.pl/
Strings & Picks: http://www.jimdunlop.com

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Leonardo Guzman: Cali Pachanguero - SALSA goes METAL