Brock Davisson: Line 6 Helix "down the Chimney Blues"

Red Frandany: Navimetal 2018 - colaboración junto a Leonardo Moya tecladista

Kieran Johnston: Improvising with my Ibanez PGM301

Roopam Garg: The Surrealist - A Beautiful Mind (Abasi Concepts PATHOS Pedal Demo)

Masato Ichijo: MASAToooN! - I'M XXX

Park Keun: 박근 Knaggs Severn X Demo - 'Intro'

Andi Kravljaca: Caparison TAT Special 7 FM sound test

Nuno Bettencourt: on the Washburn N4 at The Music Zoo

Tim Miller: "Three Sides" - From Tim Miller Trio Vol. 3

Yoav Eshed: EPK - Trio Millionaires

Kiko Loureiro: Reacting to my 19 years old self

Soumia Ghechami: .strandberg* Boden Original 8 demo - Jazz Fusion

Pete Sklaroff: Blues 2-2

Jared Dines: the biggest shred collab song in the world II (2018) - 1 million views

Giacomo Castellano: "Aura" Ft. Agostin Single Cut Custom

HaeChan Park: Jung In - I Hate Improvisation Guitar solo

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot - Raygun

Martin Miller: on Alternate Picking Anything

Yvette Young: Yearn - first track of a 5 track piano EP

Todd Simpson: Excellent solo for "Remember Death" Ibanez RG560

Saki: Federic Leclerd from Dragon Force announce super-project

Al Mu'min: The HAARP Machine - The Nadir (Official Music Video)