Saki: Federic Leclerd from Dragon Force announce super-project

SAKI & Frederic · Leclerd Began super-project of miracle crossing the border! Album decision · release decision!

Frederik · Leclerd
(Shinsei Nam / Dragon Force)

I think that I know the collaboration is the best! I guess everyone knows that I love Japan . I
always thought that if I could become a bridge between European art and my favorite country , SAKI would like to realize that Perfect opponent!
I want everyone to listen soon! "
Acting in Synseinum, an all-star band with British popular heavy metal band, Dragon Force and former slipknot Joey Jordison (ds).
In addition to instruments such as bass, guitar, keyboard, French performers multi-musician who demonstrates his skill as a producer.
Besides French in her mother tongue, he is also known as Trilingual who manipulates English and German, has a deep knowledge of Japan from many Japanese experiences and has paid special love.
Nyan Sota's session animation achieves an unusual 100,000 playback.

(Mary's Blood)

"The project with Frederik has been started this time! I'm
excited about what kind of music can be created together,
please do not hesitate to have a look forward to the next report."
In 2010, major debut with mixx.
In 2012, I join Mary's Blood and major debut in 2014.
He is active actively abroad, including the US, Hong Kong.
Killer Guitars' first female endorser.
Participated in OZZFEST as support guitarist for 2nd animated metal.
As a female guitarist for the first time BURRN! Magazine ranked in the top ten guitarist popularity vote.