Thursday, 22 January 2009

Rob Balducci: live

Rob Balducci says: Hey Ya....
This new Lick Of The Week is of my song "Friction" off of my up coming new CD Violet Horizon. This was taken at the Wimbash 09 at NAMM. Thanks to my Band Ethan Meixsell and John Celentano... you guys kicked it!! I have been going to Namm since 1995 and this has been the best yet. Special special thanks to Scott Strittmatter, Mike Marqez Rusty Membreno and Justin. I have to thank Rock Houses Joe Polumbo and John Mcarthy and everybody involved... this was awesome and I cannot wait till next year!

1/20/09 The Rob Balducci Band Live at the Wimbash 09!

Paul Gilbert: racer x treme 2

Racer X deliver another slice of top shred rock, with Motorman!

Kevin Peters: ott neo taps - incredible!

Wow, a genuinely unique technique, this time applied to classical style.
Neo-classical done tapping style. ©2009 Kevin H Peters

OTT Neo Tapping

Alex Machacek: planet x live at yerevan


Alex Machacek, Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati Planet X. Live At Yerevan 14.11.08 Jivan Festival

Planet X - Desert Girl

Planet X - Matrix Gate

Planet X - Dog Boots

Magnus Lindbloom: 2005 jammin

Magnus Lindbloom filmed jamming over a playalong back in 2005.

Magnus LindblOOm-Jammin´my days away... recorded 2005

Shane Gibson: shred soup namm 2009 style

Shane Gibson delivers some insane rippage at the Carvin and Fuchs stands at NAMM 2009.

Shane Gibson playing "DucksinaponD" @ NAMM 2009

Shane Gibson playing "End of Days" by SCHWARZENATOR @ NAMM 2009

Shane Gibson playing "Commando" by SCHWARZENATOR @ NAMM 2009

Jeff Loomis: nevermore official videos

A brace of older videos posted by Century Media featuring Jeff Loomis and Nevermore.



Marcos De Ros: italia and schubert!

Marcos De Ros says:
What? You dont believe that I had italian blood in my veins?? Here's the proof...

Tarantela Atarantada - Marcos De Ros

Marcos De Ros - A Abelha (The Bee), Schubert.

Marshall Harrison: tapping skeleton expansions in gauge theory

I can never get enough of this guys playing and implementation of piano ideas for guitar. This time he's augmenting arpeggios with tapping patterns. Clearly explained, this video will be a boon for anyone looking to add to their own tapping technique.

Marshall Harrison says:
Here are some (hopefully) new ideas to use in your various tapping pursuits. The next part of my tapping lesson series will cover using advanced tapping techniques to transcribe and execute classic pieces like Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no2.

New Directions in Tapping w/ Marshall Harrison

Steackmike: topping the view count for petruccifever guitar solo contest 2

If you want to know more about the competition check out the competition video, download the mp3, jam and repost your video. Remember anyone can enter. The competition is judged by 8 recognised youtubers, including Chris Feener and Muris Varajic. To see what you need to deliver, check out Steackmike's version of the solo, which currently has the most number of views.

Steackmike Entry For The PetrucciFever Guitar Solo Contest 2

Marshall Harrison: three is a magic number

Marshall Harrison Lesson from 2005, Triadic lesson and Pentatonic Tapping Marshall Harrison Gave Permission to post this video all Credit goes to Harrison. for More Lessons Check out his youtube Page User name is "RozarSmacco"

Marshall Harrison 05 Lesson Part 1

News: truth in shredding breaks 1000 page views and 650 visits per day

This may be due to the NAMM show, but there's been a consistent elevation in visitors on the site to a new record of 650+ per day with over 1000 page views per day. Even more reason to submit your guitar news on our online form for publication and catch the eye of passing guitar fans. Again thanks to the guitar players, the bloggers, the family and the guitar news hounds who have made this possible.

Shred Junior thanks you all!


Total 329,904
Average Per Day 663
Average Visit Length 1:52
Last Hour 28
Today 358
This Week 4,641


Total 547,697
Average Per Day 1,059
Average Per Visit 1.6
Last Hour 54
Today 608
This Week 7,410

Misa Micevski: two shores top spot

Misa Micevski's Two Shores make it into CDBaby's top rock fusion chart.

Jazz-fusion guitar trio music mixed with rich synths textures; a subtle blend of swing, funk, odd time signatures, complex progressive harmony structures and a fine touch of ethnic elements of the Balkan region. Recommended if you like Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth.

Steve Morse: namm jam 2009

Steve morse demonstrating his new ENGL signature amplifier at NAMM show 2009

Steve morse @ NAMM 09

Chris Poland: rich murray's secret namm jam tapes

That nice man Mr Rich Murray recently visited namm and came back with a fist full of videos... these are the Chris Poland blues jam tapes...Chris Poland and Robertino "Pag" Pagliari (from OHM) at the Eminence booth during the Winter 2009 NAMM show

Chris Poland and Robertino "Pag" Pagliari NAMM 20009 video - "Where's My Hat"

Chris Poland and Robertino "Pag" Pagliari NAMM 20009 video - "Crossroads"

Chris Poland and Robertino Pag Pagliari NAMM 20009 video - "Mr. Brown"

Chris Impellitteri: official myspace

First Official Impellitteri MySpace page is up!!!

Check out the very first Official Impellitteri MySpace page. Featuring new album cover art AND a track from the soon to be released CD "Wicked Maiden"!!!

Mario Parga: savage paradise now with graham bonnet


The new band featuring Mario Parga (Forcefield/Cozy Powell/Mario Parga) on guitars, Kevin Valentine (Kiss/Cinderella) on drums, Tim Luce (Alcatrazz) on bass and Eric Ragno (Takara/Vox Tempus/China Blue) on keyboards have today announced that singer Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) has left the project due to other commitments. Tony has been replaced with the legendary Graham Bonnet (Rainbow/MSG/Alcatrazz).
Mario Parga today issued the following statement:

“Tony was unable to record the new Savage Paradise album due to various other commitments that all came up at the same time. We’re still good friends and will undoubtedly work together in the future, and I wish him great success with his own projects.
I’ve know Graham (Bonnet) for over twenty years during which time we’ve been very good friends, he’s like an older brother to me. We’ve worked on several recordings together but never played in the same band so we’re both looking forward to working within Savage Paradise. Graham doesn’t need any introductions, everyone knows what a unique and totally amazing voice he possesses and I’m very excited and pleased to have him onboard.”

Mario Parga & Rio Grande Pickups

Mario Parga is pleased to announce his new endorsement with Texan pickup manufacturers, Rio Grande. Their pickups will be standard issue in all ‘Mario Parga Signature Guitars’ made by the Las Vegas guitar co. Vegas Guitars. The pickup set will be Rio Grande’s ‘Barbeque Bucker’ in the bridge with the ‘Genuine Texas Humbucker’ in the neck.

Mario said of Rio Grande:
“Rio Grande pickups have an amazing reputation amongst pickup enthusiasts and those in the know… Playing one instantly demonstrates the precise, warm and incredibly clear tone of these custom wound Texan beauties - even when the volume’s backed off. It’s no wonder guitarists who’ve only known the commonly used brands of pickups are instantly converted… Custom wound by people who both totally understand pickups and play them, I’m pleased to have the ‘Barbeque Bucker’ and ‘Genuine Texas Humbucker’ in my new ’signature’ guitar.”

Paul Gilbert: the cable guy back to japan for more dates

Paul Gilbert is Bullet Cable's official Artist Endorsement. In this video, Paul tells why he "loves" Bullet Coil Cables and how they contribute to his performance on stage

Core one tour dates

He is busy right now preparing for NAMM show where he will be launching a new model of signature guitar through Ibanez. The show is not open the the public, but in February he will be in Japan.


Feb. 1st (Sun) Tokyo Club Quattro
Feb. 2nd (Mon) Tokyo Club Quattro
Feb. 3rd (Tues) Nagoya Club Quattro
Feb. 4th (Wed) Osaka Club Quattro

Paul’s Band:
Paul Gilbert: Guitar and Vocals
Freddie Nelson: Vocals and Guitar
Mike Szuter: Bass and Vocals
Jeff Bowders: Drums and Vocals
Emi Gilbert: Keyboards and Vocals

Greg Howe: more namm, thanks to rich murray

Greg Howe performing at the Eminence booth at the Winter 2009 NAMM show. This is a portion of "Side Note."

Greg Howe NAMM video #2 Side Note

Chris Brooks: recording the follow up to master plan

Chris Brooks says:
Anyways, I started tracking drums for the new album "The Axis of All Things" yesterday. We're looking at doing 4 days of drums but at the rate we're going we might end up using most of the last day for edits / choosing best takes.

John Romeo (Cosima DeVito's MD) is engineering in his home studio and he'll help me mix after I take the drum submixes home to do the rest.

Yesterday we set up sounds but still managed to get 2 songs (the title track, and "Feeding the Myth") down and a first take of another song ("Not the day, nor the hour"). There are 11 songs to do in total. One of them is a tribute to one of my early influences, and another is a COVER of one of my early influences. Any guesses?

I'm looking around for some special guests to help me out. I already have Rick Graham and I've asked Brett Garsed. Anyone have any other (realistic) suggestions? Might not have to be a guitarist, maybe a cool sax player or Ethiopian Nose Flautist

Heading to the studio for day two in a couple of hours and I'm hoping we'll cut through 4 or 5 songs today...

In specific terms, these are songs designed to play and have fun with live. I wrote all the songs on guitar and barely touched a keyboard. There won't be much of those on the CD anyway and there won't be in the live band. I didn't think conceptually too much and just wrote a bunch of songs that are cool to play on the guitar and hopefully cool to listen to as well. More rhythm guitar parts, more clean guitars, semi-driven etc, more groove, a few fusion-inspired ideas, some chord voicings that I came up with whilst writing instead of letting the keys do the cool extensions haha. You could say there's a lot less of the "standard" prog sort of sound but there's still some songs that fans of "Crack in the Hourglass" for instance would dig. And for those who've moved on from that sound, I think there's something for them too...

Oh yeah, and on day two our drummer Peter McDonaugh smashed through 8 songs in 6 hours which is a massive effort I reckon. Most of them won't even need many edits. We just got "vibe" takes first up and then a secondary take for "spare parts" if needed. Only one songs left to do now and then I can spend the rest of the studio time on edits before I upgrade a few things in my home setup to do guitars over several weeks most likely...

The cover tune is "Hammer's Heart" by Kee Marcello. Kee himself said he's anxious to hear what I do with it. No pressure huh?

That leaves the tribute song... No, not Vinnie nor Brett.