Paul Gilbert: the cable guy back to japan for more dates

Paul Gilbert is Bullet Cable's official Artist Endorsement. In this video, Paul tells why he "loves" Bullet Coil Cables and how they contribute to his performance on stage

Core one tour dates

He is busy right now preparing for NAMM show where he will be launching a new model of signature guitar through Ibanez. The show is not open the the public, but in February he will be in Japan.


Feb. 1st (Sun) Tokyo Club Quattro
Feb. 2nd (Mon) Tokyo Club Quattro
Feb. 3rd (Tues) Nagoya Club Quattro
Feb. 4th (Wed) Osaka Club Quattro

Paul’s Band:
Paul Gilbert: Guitar and Vocals
Freddie Nelson: Vocals and Guitar
Mike Szuter: Bass and Vocals
Jeff Bowders: Drums and Vocals
Emi Gilbert: Keyboards and Vocals