Mario Parga: savage paradise now with graham bonnet


The new band featuring Mario Parga (Forcefield/Cozy Powell/Mario Parga) on guitars, Kevin Valentine (Kiss/Cinderella) on drums, Tim Luce (Alcatrazz) on bass and Eric Ragno (Takara/Vox Tempus/China Blue) on keyboards have today announced that singer Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) has left the project due to other commitments. Tony has been replaced with the legendary Graham Bonnet (Rainbow/MSG/Alcatrazz).
Mario Parga today issued the following statement:

“Tony was unable to record the new Savage Paradise album due to various other commitments that all came up at the same time. We’re still good friends and will undoubtedly work together in the future, and I wish him great success with his own projects.
I’ve know Graham (Bonnet) for over twenty years during which time we’ve been very good friends, he’s like an older brother to me. We’ve worked on several recordings together but never played in the same band so we’re both looking forward to working within Savage Paradise. Graham doesn’t need any introductions, everyone knows what a unique and totally amazing voice he possesses and I’m very excited and pleased to have him onboard.”

Mario Parga & Rio Grande Pickups

Mario Parga is pleased to announce his new endorsement with Texan pickup manufacturers, Rio Grande. Their pickups will be standard issue in all ‘Mario Parga Signature Guitars’ made by the Las Vegas guitar co. Vegas Guitars. The pickup set will be Rio Grande’s ‘Barbeque Bucker’ in the bridge with the ‘Genuine Texas Humbucker’ in the neck.

Mario said of Rio Grande:
“Rio Grande pickups have an amazing reputation amongst pickup enthusiasts and those in the know… Playing one instantly demonstrates the precise, warm and incredibly clear tone of these custom wound Texan beauties - even when the volume’s backed off. It’s no wonder guitarists who’ve only known the commonly used brands of pickups are instantly converted… Custom wound by people who both totally understand pickups and play them, I’m pleased to have the ‘Barbeque Bucker’ and ‘Genuine Texas Humbucker’ in my new ’signature’ guitar.”