Monday, 26 January 2009

Marshall Harrison: complex adaptive systems

More incredible playing from Marshall Harrison.

Marshall Harrison
This is fun but challenging. Which take breathes the most and has the most interesting ideas?

Jam Track - Take 4 - Marshall Harrison

Jam Track - take 1 - Marshall Harrison

Greg Howe: live in athens

Greg Howe Band at the "Athina Live" Athens Greece 24/1/09
Greg Howe: guitar
John Reshard: bass
Dennis Hamm: keys
Jianluka Palmieri: drums

Greg Howe live in Athens - Kick it all over

Milan Polak: italian live date promo

Milan Polak will play live: on 06-02-2009

Kee Marcello: italian tour date

The former guitarist of Europe will be in Italy to Trofarello in Torino at the circle Peocio The on 31 January 2009.

Barrett Tagliarino:new cd features paul gilbert and scott henderson

Kudos to Jenn for spotting this one!

Barrett Tagliarino wrote the tablature for Paul Gilbert’s Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar Shred Annex (instructional DVD). He’s also Paul’s guitar teacher. From Barrett’s bio: “A full-time instructor at Musician’s Institute since 1987, Barrett was chairman of the MI teachers union from 2001-2005.” Barrett's web site:

buy on line

1. Wrecked on the Sirens' Rocks
2. Throttle Twister
3. In the Fine Texas Tradition
4. Birds of Prey
5. Healer (with Paul Gilbert)
6. Delta Queen
7. Suite Zero G
8. Dust Commander
9. Redheaded Rider
10. Devil's House Party (with Scott Henderson)
11. Welcome Your Overlords

Barrett says:
ou can download "Healer," which includes Paul Gilbert's guest solo, at I will leave that track available for free download for about a month.

Thiago Trinsi: guitar idol 2009 heat 2

Guitar Idol 2009 continues to attract players and voting counts are good... if somewhat odd in some cases... no doubr similar to waht happened last time. So it's great to see Thiago Trinsi:
Hi Every one , this is my song Called "Kids" I hope you all Enjoy!
a late entrant, yes, for heat 2, but great all the same with Thiago Trinsi's own two handed style. Vote

Kids by Thiago Trinsi

Brian Tarquin: guitar noize fretworx review

Guitar Noize reviews Brian Tarquin's latest release.

Frank Gambale’s track is cool with its Latin flavour which sounds like Santana in places but with way better technique (sorry Santana fans!), Frank is such a great player and it is nice to hear him actually showing what he is capable of as he has the tendancy to sound a bit elevator music most of the time.

Other highlights include Hal Lindes - Aphrodite, Andy Timmons - Manhattan and Blue Wind by Billy Sheehan! Yes the crazy bass man is at it again with 4 & 6 string solos!

full post

Mateus Starling: kairos cd available

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know that Mateus Starling is a superb improvisor, adding a layer of feeling often missing in this genre. You can check out tracks from the CD and buy it online at guitar9

Guitar 9 says:
Brazilian guitar player and composer Mateus Starling graduated from the Berklee College of Music Summa Cum Laude majoring in performance. With a very unique approach to composition and improvisation, Starling started to get his teacher's attention at Berklee. Bob Doezema declared, "Mateus Starling is an extremely talented guitar player; he has developed a very unique sound and approach to playing his instrument that is both very musical and virtuosic." While a student, Mateus had classes with Mick Goodrick, Hal Crook, Tiger Okoshi and David Tronzo. Influenced by John Scofield, Scott Henderson, Arnold Shoenberg, atonal composers and other musicians from jazz and Brazilian music to rock and fusion, Starling delivers an electrifying set of tunes on his debut CD with a very strong emphasis on modern jazz-fusion. Energetic, beautiful compositions with lots of space for improvisation, Kairos is not just a guitar-oriented CD. Recorded by top musicians from Brazil, the United States and Chilem such as Jesse Scheinin (tenor sax), Chris Cabrera (electric bass) and Pablo Eluchans (drums). Featured on two songs recorded as a trio are Edu Nali (drums) and Caio Slonzon (bass).

Mateus Starling - Kairos (CD)
Exodus (6:53)
Good Moments (7:00)
Jerico (8:46)
Brazilian Funk (5:36)
Guerreiro (6:32)
Pai (4:31)
Pacoca (5:16)
The Ark (6:00)

Mateus Starling live at Berklee (latin-jazz fusion)

Mateus Starling playing Jazz rock fusion guitar improvisation

News: bill bruford retires!


No!!! yes... one of the greatest drummers in the world will retire! According to all about jazz:
After 41 years spent first in the art rock arena with everyone from Yes and King Crimson to Genesis, in addition to his own inestimable forays into fusion with his critically and popularly praised '70s group Bruford, then turning to things more jazzy from the '80 onwards with various incarnations of his much- heralded Earthworks group and his equally acclaimed improvising duet with pianist Michiel Borstlap, veteran drummer Bill Bruford has announced he's hanging up his sticks and and retiring from public performance, effective January 1, 2009.
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Here's an audio track from Penns Landing - Philadelphia, PA on august 8th, 1978 featuring Allan Holdsworth.

UK - Presto Vivace / In The Dead Of Night

Bill Bruford - Drums
Tim Garland - Sax
David Fiuczynski - Guitars
Andrey Kondakov - Keys
Andrey Svetlov - Bass

8 july 2008, at the Ermitage yard, Saint Petersburg.

Bill Bruford - St. Petersburg 8 jul 2008

News: youtube identify video ownership

New opportunities to raise money?

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YouTube's unprecedented technology lets rights owners:

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It's up to youHow does Content ID work?

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Our technology automatically identifies your content and applies your preferred policy: monetize, track, or block.
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Who should not use Content ID?
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How do I sign up?

If this program sounds like something for you, tell us more about yourself on our Content ID signup page.

News: online news submission working out just fine


My experiment with google docs form engine seems to be working... post posted my 20th item from the submission form. Thanks to those who have taken advantage of this system. If you have some vital guitar news, you to can log it for review on my online form

Sean Baker: sbo joins the pride of lion

Yippee! at last Sean Baker gets a release opportunity for Bakers Dozen... so look out for some sizzling slabs of guitar to come your way real soon

Sean Baker explains:
I'm proud to announce that I have signed a recording contract with the label "Lion's Music". I'm in great company with some of the other artist with Lion's....Rusty Cooley, Jennifer Batten, Joe Stump, ect. They will be putting out my new cd "Baker's Dozen". I don't have a release date yet, when I do I'll post it.... I'm working on the artwork now, and should be done in the next couple weeks.

Then I'll submit everything to the label, when I do, They'll have 5 months in which they have to put it out! Dreams do come true!

Catch up with Sean Baker on MySpace:

Doug Steele: learn to shred in style!

Doug Steele is back and he absolutely will not stop, ever!!! well not until you've learned to shred the Doug Steele way! launched on Friday night at midnight (AEST), with huge success! The website looks to be THE place to learn to shred. with Doug's no BS attitude, he gets straight into the guts of shredding. There are some free lessons to wet your appetite for learning shred, a blog from Doug, and very soon there will be some more community based features as well.

Dean Guitar Shredder Contest submission.

The cost of subscription is cheaper than the majority of other guitar lesson websites, and is obviously aimed at people who want to hone their shredding skills. So no sifting through useless lessons to find the ones you want!

Doug Steele: Noodling.

visit today, and start learning real, usable techniques from the shred worlds most clear and concise guitar tutor: Doug Steele!

Follow the journey on Doug's hot rocking blog or RSS... oohh I forgot... the free lessons!

Paul Gilbert: wot no bc rich or epiphone olympic?

Introduction to the voting for the next PGM model to be announced in 2009... yet again starring Oscar the Cat!

Here's a link to the voting website:

Voting for the next PGM model 2009

OK but the real question is... what about these models?

Victor Smolski: dvd snf mp3's available

Victor Smolski has updated his "Crazy Solos" mp3 archive. Check out the new addition under Part 3

Victor Smolski

Chris Lasegue: jag panzer announce cd


Jag Panzer featuring Chris Lasegue have set "The Scourge Of Light" as the title of their new album. The band, which is currently unsigned following a lengthy stint with Century Media Records, is scheduled to play the Play It Loud festival in Italy at the end of February and the Rock Hard festival in Germany in late May 2009.

Rusty Cooley: namm jam.. thankyou mam!

Rusty Cooley Performs at The Winter NAMM 2009 Wim Bash

Rusty Cooley Winter NAMM 2009 Wim Bash Rock House Videos

Marcos De Ros: lighting up mr bean!

Two more from Marcos De Ros, incendiary licks and a guest appearance of Mr Bean!

Marcos De Ros - Propaganda para o Toque de Mestre - Técnica Incendiária.

Assanhado - Jacob do Bandolim -:- Marcos De Ros - Choro'n'Roll + special guest Mr. Bean!

Paul Gilbert: model updates

Kudos to Jenn or these updates... first


The electronic designers at Ibanez have blown me away with how good this pedal sounds.
They spent the last year making prototypes and letting me make suggestions and tweaks during the process. The result is... the coolest flanger I have ever heard.

The AIRPLANE FLANGER has two sections, "TAXI" and "TAKEOFF". You can footswitch between them.

"TAXI" is offers a wide range of traditional flange sounds. Shimmering chorus-like flanging, moving "talkbox" sounds, metallic filter matrix tones, and wild effects like police sirens. These knobs go to "11", so the sky is the limit.

"TAKEOFF" is the flanger preset to "11". The flanger actually takes over the guitar signal and producing a massive, pitch-shifting note, filled with great sounding harmonics. This effect is like an "auto-whammy". I've been using this effect for years with modified vintage pedals, but finally it is available in a new, reliable, true-bypass pedal.

This pedal was built for me, but there are so many unique sounds in it, that you can easily invent your own sounds as well.

If you want some good places to start, please check out my 10 favorite settings. These are all for the "TAXI" section. There are four knobs, so I just put the numbers from L to R.

* Talkbox: 10 / 4 / 6/ 6
* Shimmering: 2 / 8.5 / 3.5 / 0
* Crazy Horses: 3.5 / 9 / 4 / 10
* Filter Matrix: 4 / 0 / 1.5 / 5
* Flangey: 2 / 6 / 4 / 4
* Fixed Wah: 7.5 / 0 / 1.5 / 7.5
* Laser Pistol: 4 / 10 / 7 / 10
* Let the Good Times Roll: 6 / 3.5 / 6 / 4
* Police Siren: 4 / 8 / 5 / 10
* Warm Flange: 4 / 8 / 5 / 0

The TAKEOFF section is just one knob for "SPEED", so you can easily find your favorite setting. I usually keep it on 4.5.

Did I mention that the pedal is true bypass? It is.

For more info, check out the AIRPLANE FLANGER on the Ibanez website.

The PGM401

I am proud to announce that Ibanez guitars is releasing the PGM401 for production. I worked closely with the Ibanez L.A. Custom Shop to make every specification of this guitar exactly how I like it. Here are some of the details of the PGM401:

* Late 80's style Ibanez neck joint. Thick enough for great tone. Angled shape for great access to the upper frets.

* DiMarzio Air Classic pickups. These has been my favorite humbuckers since I tried them 5 years ago. They have the best tone I've ever heard from any humbucker. The EQ cuts through in all the right areas. Great for rock, blues, metal, and shred.

* Bridge pickup is positioned approximately 1mm closer to the neck for warmer tone. You might think I'm crazy, but it makes a difference! Especially when playing high notes, the tone is warmer and thicker on this guitar, with just the right amount of bite.

* Painted F-holes are approximately 3% smaller. Because this guitar has pickup mounting rings, the f-holes needed to be slightly smaller to retain a balanced look. I overlooked no details on this guitar!

* PGM Prestige neck. This neck is beefy enough to deliver the sustain and resonance I want, but still has the playability that Ibanez is famous for. It will allow you to shred, with TONE.

* 5-way pickup selector for a variety of sounds.

* 1 volume control so it's easy to control live.

* Ash body with sunburst finish.

Check out the IBANEZ website for more details.

Please enjoy this awesome musical instrument.