Paul Gilbert: model updates

Kudos to Jenn or these updates... first


The electronic designers at Ibanez have blown me away with how good this pedal sounds.
They spent the last year making prototypes and letting me make suggestions and tweaks during the process. The result is... the coolest flanger I have ever heard.

The AIRPLANE FLANGER has two sections, "TAXI" and "TAKEOFF". You can footswitch between them.

"TAXI" is offers a wide range of traditional flange sounds. Shimmering chorus-like flanging, moving "talkbox" sounds, metallic filter matrix tones, and wild effects like police sirens. These knobs go to "11", so the sky is the limit.

"TAKEOFF" is the flanger preset to "11". The flanger actually takes over the guitar signal and producing a massive, pitch-shifting note, filled with great sounding harmonics. This effect is like an "auto-whammy". I've been using this effect for years with modified vintage pedals, but finally it is available in a new, reliable, true-bypass pedal.

This pedal was built for me, but there are so many unique sounds in it, that you can easily invent your own sounds as well.

If you want some good places to start, please check out my 10 favorite settings. These are all for the "TAXI" section. There are four knobs, so I just put the numbers from L to R.

* Talkbox: 10 / 4 / 6/ 6
* Shimmering: 2 / 8.5 / 3.5 / 0
* Crazy Horses: 3.5 / 9 / 4 / 10
* Filter Matrix: 4 / 0 / 1.5 / 5
* Flangey: 2 / 6 / 4 / 4
* Fixed Wah: 7.5 / 0 / 1.5 / 7.5
* Laser Pistol: 4 / 10 / 7 / 10
* Let the Good Times Roll: 6 / 3.5 / 6 / 4
* Police Siren: 4 / 8 / 5 / 10
* Warm Flange: 4 / 8 / 5 / 0

The TAKEOFF section is just one knob for "SPEED", so you can easily find your favorite setting. I usually keep it on 4.5.

Did I mention that the pedal is true bypass? It is.

For more info, check out the AIRPLANE FLANGER on the Ibanez website.

The PGM401

I am proud to announce that Ibanez guitars is releasing the PGM401 for production. I worked closely with the Ibanez L.A. Custom Shop to make every specification of this guitar exactly how I like it. Here are some of the details of the PGM401:

* Late 80's style Ibanez neck joint. Thick enough for great tone. Angled shape for great access to the upper frets.

* DiMarzio Air Classic pickups. These has been my favorite humbuckers since I tried them 5 years ago. They have the best tone I've ever heard from any humbucker. The EQ cuts through in all the right areas. Great for rock, blues, metal, and shred.

* Bridge pickup is positioned approximately 1mm closer to the neck for warmer tone. You might think I'm crazy, but it makes a difference! Especially when playing high notes, the tone is warmer and thicker on this guitar, with just the right amount of bite.

* Painted F-holes are approximately 3% smaller. Because this guitar has pickup mounting rings, the f-holes needed to be slightly smaller to retain a balanced look. I overlooked no details on this guitar!

* PGM Prestige neck. This neck is beefy enough to deliver the sustain and resonance I want, but still has the playability that Ibanez is famous for. It will allow you to shred, with TONE.

* 5-way pickup selector for a variety of sounds.

* 1 volume control so it's easy to control live.

* Ash body with sunburst finish.

Check out the IBANEZ website for more details.

Please enjoy this awesome musical instrument.