Doug Steele: learn to shred in style!

Doug Steele is back and he absolutely will not stop, ever!!! well not until you've learned to shred the Doug Steele way! launched on Friday night at midnight (AEST), with huge success! The website looks to be THE place to learn to shred. with Doug's no BS attitude, he gets straight into the guts of shredding. There are some free lessons to wet your appetite for learning shred, a blog from Doug, and very soon there will be some more community based features as well.

Dean Guitar Shredder Contest submission.

The cost of subscription is cheaper than the majority of other guitar lesson websites, and is obviously aimed at people who want to hone their shredding skills. So no sifting through useless lessons to find the ones you want!

Doug Steele: Noodling.

visit today, and start learning real, usable techniques from the shred worlds most clear and concise guitar tutor: Doug Steele!

Follow the journey on Doug's hot rocking blog or RSS... oohh I forgot... the free lessons!