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News: new web site i talk guitar


iTalk Guitar is a brand new online community offering news, blogs, networking, chat, video, lessons, music and advice on gear and playing from real guitarists.

The site is currently in its beta stage so let us know of any features you would like us to add or ways we can improve it.

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Daniel Palmqvist: crash the system


CRASH THE SYSTEM project came about as a collaboration between songwriter Sören Kronqvist (former Finnish 400-meter hurdle champion and songwriter for Michael Bormann, HOUSE OF LORDS and CC ROCK, among others) and drummer/producer Daniel Flores (MIND'S EYE, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET) in the fall of 2008. The duo has known each other for a couple of years and they respect each other's work. Sören and Daniel decided to make a project together with songs they enjoyed writing. "The original plan was to make one song with Daniel and try to get that song out to a band or an artist. And, if it would turn out good we would do more together," explains Sören. "The first song we did was 'All Because Of You' and we both were really happy with how that song turned out. A few record companies also liked the song. We then recorded three more songs and got good response from them as well and that's when Frontiers came into the picture".

Thanks to Daniel's extensive music background, good reputation, and connections in the music business, he managed to bring in some of the top names in Sweden into the project. Guest vocalists include:


Other musicians that appear on the album:

Johan Niemann (guitar; MIND'S EYE, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET)
Daniel Palmqvist (guitar; THE MURDER OF MY SWEET)
Manuel Lewys (guitar; MACHINERY, ELWOOD)
Andreas Lindahl (keyboards)
Angelica Rylin (backing vocals; THE MURDER OF MY SWEET)

"The Crowning" track listing: samples

01. Fight Fire With Fire
02. All Because of You
03. I Still Believe In Love
04. Love Is In Your Eyes
05. Take a Chance
06. Enough Of Your Lovin'
07. Mysterious
08. Angel Of My Heart
09. Rolling Stone
10. Don't Tell Me No Lies
11. Broken Glass
12. Higher and Higher
13. Without Chances

Lars Eric Mattsson: celerbrates 20 years in the business


I have this CD the first time around!

‘No Surrender + Live’ is a re-recorded version of one of Lars Eric Mattsson’s earliest albums originally released in 1989 to celebrate 20 years since its original release. This new version sees all vocals and guitars being re-recorded with the addition of a few live tracks tagged on the end for good measure.

‘No Surrender’ is classic hard rock fused with neo-classical metal all with the unique Lars Eric Mattsson flavour. Whilst the song writing might not be as advanced as more recent efforts released under the Mattsson name such as “Dreamchild” and “War”, this is a slice of history which shows an artist that has continued to grow over the 20 years since its initial release. To go with the 15 studio tracks there is the bonus of 5 live tracks discovered in the Mattsson archives which features tracks from the albums ‘Electric Voodoo’ and ‘Eternity.’

On the new version Lars comments, “It's now 20 Years since I released my second album "No Surrender" which landed me a Japanese record deal a year after the debut album "Eternity". While the original recordings were rushed and quite poor in quality the song writing was much better than its predecessor and I remember writing these songs with great pleasure. Most of these songs were then performed live in a number of different settings and they all seemed to transform quite well to the live stage. I have always wanted to return to this material to polish up all the rough ends and finally I found the perfect timing to make it happen. I think these songs showcases my early influences as well as the typical 80-ies mood that we all were in back then. Of course some things do mature better than others over time but overall I am quite happy with these songs representing my early career, and most of all, I had a really great time playing them again. I tried not to change things more than I had to and where possible maintain the original ideas rather than include more modern elements as my intention was to try to present the songs as I wanted them to have sounded at the time of composing them. Even if most guitars have been re-recorded I have copied my original ideas and basically just make them sound "the same but better".

01. Introduction.
02. Tear Down The Border.
03. Lady Luck.
04. Since Love Died.
05. Crocodile Walk.
06. Just To Survive.
07. Chasing Shadows.
08. Menuet (J.S.Bach).
09. Proud'N'Free.
10. Midnight Train.
11. Lady Death.
12. The Magician.
13. When Silence Came To Remain.
14. Third Circle.
15. The Stranger.
16. Can’t Go On Without Your Love (Live).
17. The Exciter (Live).
18. Break Your Chains (Live).
19. Eternity (Live).
20. Goodnight (Live).

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot rock the bone interview


11 videos, 1 player... Joe Satriani interviewed for the bone radio station.

Joe Satriani: rock bone interview

Allan Holdsworth: live review and videos


Like many gifted technicians, his precision often comes at the expense of emotion. He prefers containment and control. He’s very aware of his skill set and rarely ventures outside the limits. To be sure, his safe zone is large enough to awe mortals like us for a full concert, if not several. But we also like to see some risky business from such rare talents.

Tuesday night at Proctor’s GE Theater, Holdsworth, with stellar help from Chad Wackerman on drums and Ernest Tibbs on bass, gave us great, speedy adventures for sure, but no one took us over the guardrail.

No matter. Holdsworth climbed up and down his fret board in the second song, “Fred,” so fast that it was amazing how we could make out every note, like seeing the frames whiz by in a film. Yes, he probably uses more notes than anyone to express not-so-complicated ideas, but that’s his thing and he’s one of the best at it.
full daily gazette review



Glenn Proudfoot: harp tapping harmonics

Harp style approach to guitar. Studio Shoebox, Prague 2009.

Guitar Harmonics - Glenn Proudfoot - Prazsky Vyber

András Pálfi: the guitar idol finalists are coming!


The finalist page is building... the first two in place:
2009 Live Finalists

The votes are being tallied and checked. The judges are reviewing their favourites. The 12 confirmed Live Finalists will be announced shortly.

Well done to everyone that entered and made this years’ competition so great!

András Pálfi

Votes: 5311
Alexandros Tefarikis

Votes: 5101

Reb Beach: are you suhr about this?

Tracks from his fusion album at the Suhr Tone Merchants Party during Winter NAMM 2008.

Reb Beach "Split Second" @ Suhr Tone Merchants NAMM 2008

Reb Beach solo improvisation @ Suhr Tone Merchants NAMM 2008

Reb Beach "One Guitar" @ Suhr Tone Merchants NAMM 2008

Reb Beach warming up at the NAMM 2008 Suhr booth

Vinnie Moore: ufo latest tour dates


31st May - Rock Hard Festival - Gelsenkirchen - Germany
1st June - Pressenwerk - Bad Salzungen - Germany
2nd June - Blues Garage - Isernhagen - Germany
3rd June - Theaterfabrik - Leipzig - Germany
5th June - Sweden Rock Festival - Solvesborg - Sweden
6th June - 23rd Bikerfest International - Osoppo - Italy
7th June - Nieuwe Pul - Uden - Holland
9th June - Concorde 2 - Brighton - England
10th June - The Junction - Cambridge - England
12th June - Spring & Airbrake - Belfast - N.Ireland
13th June - 02 Academy - Glasgow - Scotland
14th June - 02 Academy - Newcastle - England
16th June - 02 Academy - Leeds - England
17th June - Rock City - Nottingham - England
19th June - Wulfrun Hall - Wolverhampton - England
20th June - Academy 2 - Manchester - England
21st June - 02 Academy - Bristol - England
23rd June - The Brook - Southampton - England
24th June - Shepherd's Bush Empire - London - England
26th June - Halle 101 - Speyer - Germany - Tickets
27th June - Ulmer Zelt - Ulm - Germany
28th June - Graspop Festival - Dessel - Belgium
31st July - Wacken Open Air - Germany
1st August - Baloma Bikers Fest - Cercemaggiore - Italy
3rd August - Blues Sotto Le Stelle - L'Aquila - Italy
5th August - Rock Night - Marina di Massignano - Italy
7th August - Bulldog Bash - Stratford upon Avon - England

USA (more dates to follow)

2nd October - Jaxx - Springfield - VA
3rd October - Tangiers - Akron - OH
7th October - The Rex - Pittsburgh - PA
8th October - The Chance - Poughkeepsie - NY
9th October - The Starland Ballroom - Sayerville - NJ
10th October - BB Kings - New York - NY
15th October - Ameristar Casino - St. Charles - MO
16th October - House Of Blues - Chicago - IL
17th October - Medina Ballroom - Hamel - MN
21st October - The Catalyst - Santa Cruz - CA
22nd October - The Brixton - Redondo Beach - CA
23rd October - The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano - CA
24th October - Boulder Station Casino - Las Vegas - NV
25th October - Majestic Ventura Theater - Ventura - CA
27th October - Key Club - West Hollywood - CA
28th October - The Fat Cat - Modesto - CA
29th October - Aladdin Theatre - Portland - OR
30th October - Neumos - Seattle - WA
1st November - The Independent - San Francisco - CA

Michael Landau: whole stole the fish?

Stolen Fish Live at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles on 2-19-2004

Karen Landau - Vocal & Guitar,
Michael Landau - Guitar,
Chris Roy - Bass,
Makoto Izumitani - Drums,

Stolen Fish Live at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles on 2-19-2004 "Flood"

John Petrucci: free right of passage track posted


Dream Theater fans, it's time. Black Clouds & Silver Linings is out June 23rd. Get an exclusive FREE download of "A Rite of Passage" from that album right now!

Fill in your info below, click "Submit My Details" and you'll get a nice, red link to click and download your copy. Enjoy! In a few days we'll email you to tell you where to watch the brand new video for "A Rite of Passage.

Julien Damotte: trapped new cd demo


This is a Video Teaser For Julien Damotte's new solo album: TRAPPED.

TRAPPED /træpt/ (adjective): You feel trapped when you are in an unpleasant situation in which you lack freedom, and you feel you cannot escape from it.
From birth to death, we are all trapped in our own souls and bodies.
This ambitious Progressive Metal Concept Album, entirely autobiographical, attempts to depict the Inner Struggle we all have to go through.
TRAPPED is an album of contrasts, where soulful melodies encounter heavy rhythms. After the Opening Chapter introduces the main themes, the real journey begins and it will hold you spellbound till the final breath.
From the very first demos in 2004 to the final touches, TRAPPED has always been an adventure of friends.
Now its high time we shared it to the world


Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Guest Guitar Solo
Guest Guitar Solo

Mixed and Co-Produced by Kevin Codfert @ X-Fade Studio, France.
Mastered by Jürgen Lusky @ House of Audio Studios, Germany.
Artwork by Stan W.D.
Photo by Crazy Stef.

Stay tuned for a release date in 2009.

Julien Damotte - "Trapped" (2009) - Video Teaser

Dimitar Nalbantov: old gets new

Dimitar Nalbantov says:
This is very old video.:) Me playing my song "Purely and Simply" from my first album "Universe" with the drummer John Wooten. The guitar was recorded with AMT Electronics "California Sound" My favourite direct recording pedal. For more info about my gear please visit my website:

Dimitar Nalbantov "Purely and Simply"

Chris Poland: ohm sweet ohm


The guys will be taking a break from shows in june so catch OHM: this month while you can

OHM: live!

May 8 - The Baked Potato - Studio City, CA -
May 9 - Alva's Showroom - San Pedro, CA -
May 23 - Tone Merchants - Orange, CA -

Tickets on sale now!

Also 3 special shows you also won't want to miss where the OHM: + UMPHREY'S MCGEE = OHMPHREY. Also on the bill is the North Indiana All-Stars featuring Tony Franklin (The Firm/ Blue Murder)


May 14 - The Roxy Theatre - West Hollywood, CA -

May 15 - SoHo - Santa Barbara, CA -

May 16 - Winston's - San Diego, CA -

Tickets on sale now!

Thanks again for all your support OHMIES and hope you get out and enjoy these shows. Only with you guys can we make it happen.

Homero Bittencourt: ready brecker!

This song from australian guitar master Peter O'Mara, African Heritage ( Songbook - A Rhythmic Concept for Funk-Fusion )

Brecker Brothers Style - By Homero Bittencourt

News: yahoo glue

Not sure why, but just that it does...
Get great images, videos, articles, and more all on one page. Glue topic pages help you get to all the information you want with just one click.
glue shred guitar

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot lesson


Learn how to play Chickenfoot.... Jon over at guitar noize just posted the tab and this video on his site

Fredrik Pihl: take two twice a day...

Fredrik Pihl says: about the song:
I wrote this song after my friend Lalle Larsson, played me some old demos that he made together with Guitarist Todd Duane.

Hearing the cool Guitar-Keyboard-unison melodies, tuplets from hell and shredding from beyond this world, made me wanting to write something completly insane.

I came up with Shrediculous. It's full of crazy licks and techniques. Some of the most corny (if not to say stupid) drum programming ever.
It probably contains more shred and notes than any song would ever need.

The song is simply ridiculous.... or Shrediculous if you will...

I hope you'll enjoy it.


Marcos De Ros: jam 60

Marcos De Ros says:
Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 5. I just downloaded some lessons of Marlowe and jam over it. He is an amazing bass player and provides a solid background to play over! Thanks Marlowe!!!

Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 5.

Lori Linstruth: guilt machine cd progressing nicely

Looks like CD production is nearly complete... although you can really "Naws" it up during that process...

Lori Linstruth tweets:
Time to master the new Guilt Machine album's rather scary realizing that it'll be pretty much set in stone after that!

News: £22,000 Give-away by Sound on Sound

Subject: £22,000 Give-away by Sound on Sound

SRT show 2009: dream Studio Giveaway, Sound On Sound are once again the Media Sponsors of the Sound Recording Technology sector of the London International Music Show, and we're putting together another massive studio prize, worth around £22,000.

Based on a Digidesign 003-based Pro Tools system running on a Digital Village Synergy PC, the SOS Dream Studio 2009 will also include Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, Digidesign's AIR Virtual Instruments Collection and Music Production Toolkit, a suite of GForce soft synths, Toontrack's Superior 2, plus restoration and mastering software from iZotope.

Shure's SM27 and PG27, Sontronics' STC2, an SE 4400A, a pair of AKG Perception 170s and a pair of Rode M3s will give the winner a range of mics to either bolster or start their mic collection, and heavy-duty mic stands from SE and Sontronics will enable them to position the mics in exactly the right spot. An SE Reflection Filter will help to improve acoustic isolation for home-studio recordings.

Monitoring will be provided by KRK, who will equip the winner with the latest RP6 G2 nearfield monitors and their 10S 10-inch subwoofer, with an Ergo to make sure what's coming out of the speakers is in tune with the room, which Auralex will analyse and treat, to ensure any sonic discrepancies are overcome at source.

For the keys players, there's a Yamaha Motif XS6 workstation, complete with Ulitmate Support stand, to act as a master keyboard, while a MicroKorg XL will provide some extra synth flavours for the winner to mix into their tracks. A Novation Zero SL MkII will provide additional control, and an ESI M8U XL will allow the winner to connect additional MIDI equipment to the prize system.
Guitarists won't be left out: a Washburn WI64 Relic and a Blackstar HT5 valve combo amplifier, complete with a Radial J48 for direct-injection, will suit the needs of most noodlers, and a Moog Murf filter pedal will transport the winner to a whole new world of shimmering pattern-based resonance.

On the outboard hardware side, a Focusrite Octopre will increase the number of analogue inputs and outputs to the prize system to 16, and provide eight channels of tried-and-tested mic preamps with dynamics, while a TL Audio Ebony A4 Summer summing mixer will enable the user to mix to stereo in the analogue domain. An SSL Mynx, plus two X-Rack modules of the winner's choice, will inject that SSL sound to the winner's mixes, and a Universal Audio UAD2 Solo will help to spice things up in the software domain, thanks to its faithful models of classic studio gear.

If that wasn't enough, the winner will get expert Pro Tools training from Alchemea, the Home Studio Certificate from SAE, plus two hours of private guitar, piano, drums, or vocal lessons from Tech Music schools. Last, but possibly most important of all, Adam Hall will supply the necessary cabling to connect the studio prize together. If you win, you'll be the envy of, well, everyone at the show!

To enter the competition, you'll have to visit SOS on stand E8 at LIMS. If you haven't booked your ticket yet, head to We'll see you there.