News: £22,000 Give-away by Sound on Sound

Subject: £22,000 Give-away by Sound on Sound

SRT show 2009: dream Studio Giveaway, Sound On Sound are once again the Media Sponsors of the Sound Recording Technology sector of the London International Music Show, and we're putting together another massive studio prize, worth around £22,000.

Based on a Digidesign 003-based Pro Tools system running on a Digital Village Synergy PC, the SOS Dream Studio 2009 will also include Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, Digidesign's AIR Virtual Instruments Collection and Music Production Toolkit, a suite of GForce soft synths, Toontrack's Superior 2, plus restoration and mastering software from iZotope.

Shure's SM27 and PG27, Sontronics' STC2, an SE 4400A, a pair of AKG Perception 170s and a pair of Rode M3s will give the winner a range of mics to either bolster or start their mic collection, and heavy-duty mic stands from SE and Sontronics will enable them to position the mics in exactly the right spot. An SE Reflection Filter will help to improve acoustic isolation for home-studio recordings.

Monitoring will be provided by KRK, who will equip the winner with the latest RP6 G2 nearfield monitors and their 10S 10-inch subwoofer, with an Ergo to make sure what's coming out of the speakers is in tune with the room, which Auralex will analyse and treat, to ensure any sonic discrepancies are overcome at source.

For the keys players, there's a Yamaha Motif XS6 workstation, complete with Ulitmate Support stand, to act as a master keyboard, while a MicroKorg XL will provide some extra synth flavours for the winner to mix into their tracks. A Novation Zero SL MkII will provide additional control, and an ESI M8U XL will allow the winner to connect additional MIDI equipment to the prize system.
Guitarists won't be left out: a Washburn WI64 Relic and a Blackstar HT5 valve combo amplifier, complete with a Radial J48 for direct-injection, will suit the needs of most noodlers, and a Moog Murf filter pedal will transport the winner to a whole new world of shimmering pattern-based resonance.

On the outboard hardware side, a Focusrite Octopre will increase the number of analogue inputs and outputs to the prize system to 16, and provide eight channels of tried-and-tested mic preamps with dynamics, while a TL Audio Ebony A4 Summer summing mixer will enable the user to mix to stereo in the analogue domain. An SSL Mynx, plus two X-Rack modules of the winner's choice, will inject that SSL sound to the winner's mixes, and a Universal Audio UAD2 Solo will help to spice things up in the software domain, thanks to its faithful models of classic studio gear.

If that wasn't enough, the winner will get expert Pro Tools training from Alchemea, the Home Studio Certificate from SAE, plus two hours of private guitar, piano, drums, or vocal lessons from Tech Music schools. Last, but possibly most important of all, Adam Hall will supply the necessary cabling to connect the studio prize together. If you win, you'll be the envy of, well, everyone at the show!

To enter the competition, you'll have to visit SOS on stand E8 at LIMS. If you haven't booked your ticket yet, head to We'll see you there.