Monday, 8 June 2009

Gustavo Guerra, Oziel Zinho: guitar idol finalists 2008 and 2009 spotted in ealier times

This video is full of top Brazilian guitar players including Gustavo Guerra, Oziel Zinho the finalists from 2008 and 2009, respectively.

Gustavo Guerra Sydnei Carvalho Alex Martinho Ricky Furlani e Ozielzinho em 2006

Frank Solari,Alex Martinho: jam clinic

Jam - Frank Solari e Alex Martinho - "The Healer"

Frank Solari - "Moinhos de Vento" (Música Inédita)

Frank Solari - Workshop em Niterói/RJ - Melhores Momentos

Gustavo Di Padua: guitar idol live finalist spotted

We're nearly at guitar idol 2009 live final... just spotted this older promo from Gustavo Di Padua!

Gustavo Di Padua um dos grandes ganhadores da Promo NIG/GB

Alex Lifeson,Dave Gilmour: alex says daves one of the best

Spotted on bravewords from an original posting by Pink Floyd fan boys brain damage. Alex Lifeson says:
"David Gilmour is so well respected, and while he's often overlooked among guitarists, I think people who appreciate rock guitarists regard him as one of the best. He's a brilliant player and has such passion and feel. You can sense he's a smart man: you can hear how he puts it all together and how it fits, which is a real testament to his songwriting. He's such a bluesy player, to boot. My eyes water whenever I hear this song. Pink Floyd have such incredible arrangements; their songs are rich and complex but not particularly complicated. They can take as long as they want to tell you a story, but it's always interesting."
audio | full post

John Norum: europe swedish rock festival 2009

Europe - Rock the night Sweden Rock Festival 2009

Arkadiy Starodoub: hybrid fusion star back with a bang

Apologies to Arkadiy Starodoub for missing these videos: Arkadiy Starodoub says:
Until such time as this guitar came into my hands, it took many months of correspondence with the masters of ESP, on clarifying the options and the various nuances of design, those small things that affect many, and which may affect only experienced musician, as an ordinary person or not sophisticated, they can be up to the mark.

Again, at that time I had two guitars ESP, and I want to hit the maximum in the top ten taking into account all their past experience, so I decided to strain the masters of the ESP, and Avallon me this great help, patience and clean all my requests.

Arkadiy Starodoub Horizon Custom 1

Arkadiy Starodoub Horizon Custom 2

Rob Chappers: monkey mayham at mega music show

Rob Chappers:
The Monkey Lord will be at The LIMS show 09, Say 13th at 11:30 in the food area to meet and greet dudes. We can then take our shred monkey throng around the show as I make video blogs etc.. See ya

Rob Chappers at LIMS 09 - Sat 13th

Danny John: live date

Danny John Trio: live Thursday 11th June @ The Lewisham Hotel, 794 Parramatta Rd Lewisham from 7pm, with special guests, Enter Mehedin & The Volts.

Should be a ShredFest!!!


PROMETHEUS (Power Edition)

Slow Trane Live

News: Guitar Fight Club Festival!

Guitar Fight Club Festival (translated):
Guitar Fight Club Festival: The Fight Club Guitar Festival takes place from 12 June to 13 June 2009 Bischofswerda / Saxony instead. The festival consists of the final of the Guitar Fight Club, and the Guitar Fight Club | Warm Up and Fight convention Guitar Guitar Fight Club | Live Show & Finale Guitar Fight Club The Live Show will take place on 13 June 2009 Bischofswerda instead. With a large open-air spectacle, the eight finalists of the web portal on the stage is expected to get together to measure. There must be eight guitarists live on stage under statutes of the Guitar Fight Club before a large audience. The Guitar Fight Club begins with the finalists of the 1st Round in each of their own style of direction. In another round, then the various styles against each other until the finals all four styles are as duel base. A jury consisting of Michael Sagmeister, Victor Smolski, Jil Y Creek and Christian Roever and the audience will then decide on the spot on the winner. Besides the actual competition will be on stage just as prominent internationally recognized e-guitarist Michael Sagmeister as expected, with smaller gigs as well as the finals of the actual show the appropriate framework. Special Guests on Stage: Michael Sagmeister | pARTyzanT | Noises Defect | Heart Buckboard and many others more information: Guitar Fight Club | Warm Up Already on 12 June 2009 starts the Guitar Fight Club Festival with an open-air concert with guitar-dominated bands. The Line Up: LORD BISHOP ROCKS chicken cemetery Nungo Illusive Circus and others more information: Guitar Fight Club convention exhibition, concerts & Clinics On 13 June 2009 there are 10 clock smaller concerts & clinics, and product exhibitions around the electric guitar in the Kulturfabrik Bischofswerda. They give guest musicians and producers a direct insight into their music and their products and offer enough space to answer audience questions. The audience, visitors, and young musicians will find it for their own music for their listening and take up close to the secrets of the electric guitar part. Clinics & Concerts Live on Stage: Marshall Roadshow | Andor Arnhold | Adrian Weiss Adrian Maruszczyk | Jimmy G | Eric Krause and many others ... Custom Show | Exhibitor Selection: Nick Page Guitars | Cronoz Icon | TS Custom Guitars | Maruszczyk Instruments | Guitars Bassart | tonfuchs Guitars | Guitar Lak Mensing Guitars | Guitars Zerberus | Dörre Amplification and many others more information:

Guitar Fight Club: warm up:
Friday, Jun 12, 2009 7:00 PM
Where: Mühlteich Bischofswerda

Guitar Fight Club: final:
Saturday, Jun 13, 2009 7:00 PM
Where: Mühlteich Bischofswerda

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Bruce Bouillet: guest appearence on let there be rock!

Ron Coolen says:
It's a great honour to announce that In our next edition of 'LET THERE BE ROCK' Radio, Bruce Bouillet will present his favorite tracks.
Make sure you listen on June 9 (9-11PM CET) to the internet stream: http:​/​/​w4.​boschtion.​nl/​index.​php?​pageid=​21, you will LOVE it for sure!
The 2-hour show starts at 9PM CET (Amsterdam time) on June 9. In other time zones start time is:
- London 8PM
- New York 3PM
- Los Angeles Noon
- Rio de Janeiro 5PM
- Moscow 11PM
- Tokyo 5AM (Wednesday June 10)
- Sydney (7AM (Wednesday June 10)
Keep rockin'

Ron Coolen's other links:

Jan Akkerman: a touch of class dvd

Jan Akkerman A Touch of Class: order
Disc 1
1. Britannia 2. Heavy Treasure 3. Sylvia 4. Hocus Pocus 5. Streetwalker II 6. Just Because 7. Everything Must Change 8. A Galliard by Anthonie Holbourne 9. Pietons (with Hocus Pocus) 10. Bonus Tracks: Pietons 11. Just Because
Jan Akkerman was already a major music figure in his native Holland when He formed Focus with keyboard player Thijs van Leer in 1970. Focus would go on to massive worldwide success during the early seventies playing sell out concerts and recording hugely successful albums. Akkerman however became restless and left the band in 1976 opting for a solo career and occasional collaborations, which is pretty much how he continues to this day.

The material on this DVD is almost exclusively taken from two albums - Jan's then current offering ' Can't Stand Noise ' and ' Tabernakel ' - the first album of five solo albums Akkerman released with Atlantic Records throughout the 70's. The performance was captured at a specially arranged concert for television at The Venue in 1983 and since the original broadcast has rarely been seen.

The production not only features highlights of the performance at the Venue but also Jan in conversation discussing his music that he had candidly describes as adapted from the best of baroque and black music. There is also footage of Jan playing the lute so as to illuminate the breadth of a talent still held out as one of the worlds finest.
Somewhat understandably included within the film is the reference point of BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test footage of Akkerman playing Sylvia and Hocus Pocus with Focus in 1973.

Also included as a bonus feature is a performance from Dutch television some 18 months later to show Akkerman masterfully revisiting the tunes ' Pietons ' and ' Just Because ' on an updated version of the then new midi synth guitar an instrument few had dared to play and even fewer had mastered. This DVD will certainly be a must for long time fans of Jan Akkerman and also fans of fine guitar music.

Steve Vai: national guitar workshop appearence

Steve Vai to Appear at National Guitar Workshop Rock Summit in Purchase, NY.

The National Guitar Workshop is proud to announce that virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai will be a special guest at our 2009 Rock Summit in Purchase, NY.


Litchfield, CT—June 5th, 2009 – National Guitar Workshop is proud to feature world class guitarist Steve Vai at our Rock Summit in Purchase, NY during the week of July 19th through 24th. This will be Vai’s first time appearing with NGW at our main campus in Purchase, NY.

Purchase, NY – July 19-24 2009
Big Phat Guitar Extravaganza

As a Grammy award-winning guitar virtuoso, Steve Vai's sheer breathtaking facility on the guitar is acclaimed in the rock world and beyond. Starting with his groundbreaking "Passion and Warfare" album in 1990, and throughout the years since, Vai has consistently used music as a microscope peering into the human spirit, with equal attention paid to both the darkest obsessions and the most exalted impulses contained there. While Vai clearly had what was needed to make indelible impressions during his stays with Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake, it's as a solo artist that he's made his most precious contributions. Each of his solo releases are unique, varied, compelling and, even when the music is looking darkness square in the face, genuinely uplifting. His most recent studio album, "Real Illusions," is a major achievement from a musical alchemist of the highest order. In addition to his recording career, Steve is involved with many worthwhile organizations. He is a former Trustee for NARAS (National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences), a board member for Hollywood Arts, and works closely with his own Make a Noise Foundation, raising money for music education. Steve has just finished a live concert DVD entitled "Where the Wild Things Are." The two hour and forty minute concert film, which was filmed in Minneapolis, will be released in August

News: guitar idol webcast reminder

LIMS gets a worldwide first with a Live webcast and online voting for Guitar Idol competition:
Posted by admin with No Comments The coolest guitar competition on the planet, Guitar Idol 2008 drew thousands of entries from around the world and the standard was simply staggering. Gustavo Guerra from Brazil, came first and was invited back next day to open for Yngwie Malmsteen.

Guitar Idol 2009 will be the biggest international competition for guitarists worldwide, and this year the judging is global as well with the introduction of a live webcast of the event with online voting. The competition has gathered pace in recent weeks with over 160,000 visitors to the site in the last two weeks alone

Licklibrary have also recently announced that guitar legend Steve Vai will be a celebrity judge and they will be presenting a special award on his behalf to his favourite contestant will be broadcasting a live webcast of the Guitar Idol final from the London International Music Show live stage on Saturday June 13th, register online at to join the panel of judges from around the world and vote for your Guitar Idol.

If you can’t get to LIMS and can’t watch the live webcast of the competition and miss your chance to vote for a winner, check out the finalists performances for yourself at and see if you agree with Steve. (performances available to view from June 17th at

Paul Gilbert: mr big updates and reviews

Jenn over at metalichika has been super busy assembling info from the current and future Mr Big tours... coming to a town near you soon?

Joe Bonamassa: mountain time

Joe Bonamassa - Mountain Time: Recorded at The Sage in Gateshead in the North East of England on 22nd April 2009. Excellent concert, and great venue. Recorded on a Sony HD Handicam. Best viewed in HD.

Joe Bonamassa - Mountain Time

Steve Lukather: italian masterclass interview

Reportage of the recent Italian clinic tour of Steve Lukather during which he presented his guitar Music Man BFR signature

Steve Lukather Masterclasses 2009

Travis Larson: music man ringing out the changes

Travis Larson takes time out from working on the upcoming Rate of Change LIVE DVD to play the new Ernie Ball Music Man 25th Anniversary Guitar.

Ernie Ball Music Man Artist Travis Larson demonstrates the Music Man 25th Anniversary Guitar

Krisztian Lovrek: infra blue

Ernie Ball Music Man YouTube Artist Krisztian Lovrek and his Music Man John Petrucci Signature Model Guitars.

Ernie Ball Music Man YouTube Artist Krisztian Lovrek and his John Petrucci Signature Model Guitars

Krisztian Lovrek says:
This is one of my own solo's demo from my first record.

The song is called 'Sors kezében' ( In the Hands of Fate ), and this is not an instrumental song!!! I believe in the power of a great vocal song.
My album will be a metal record with a lot of heavy riffs, great solos, and hungarian lyrics!!!
I'm trying to write the metal record that I wanted to hear from someone in the last 15 years, but I couldn't find anywhere in Hungary.
The work is hard, 'cause I need to do everything alone.
I'm doing absolutely everything, all music, playing on all instruments, and I'm writing the lyrics, and sing the songs as well!
So it's an ultra-project, and I need time to do everything -especially the drum parts :) -in the level that I like.

About this video:

I played on every instruments ( drum, bass, guitars )
I'm using Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci signature guitars.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

Lovrek Krisztián (Sceletor)- In the Hands of Fate ( own song's ) solo

Blues Saraceno: ernie ball music man demos

Seven videos from Blues Saraceno demonstrating various Ernie Ball Music Man equipment.

Blues Saraceno: Ernie Ball Music Man

Tom Hess: how to become a highly successful guitar teacher

How to Become a Highly Successful Guitar Teacher:
Every day guitar teachers just like you tell me how frustrated and discouraged they are by getting mediocre or little results from all their efforts. They make comments like...

I wish I had a consistent way to get new guitar students who are actually serious about learning to play guitar.

I try my best to teach my students well, but some of them still don't make good progress.

I can't find (or develop) proven teaching methods and materials to use for different types of students.

I struggle to keep students motivated to practice every day.

Many of my students are not staying with me for very long.

I want to be charging more money for my lessons, but I'm afraid that students may not be willing to pay more.

Other guitar teachers seem to make money effortlessly, they teach group classes, workshops, clinics, private lessons to serious students and seem to become known for what they do... Meanwhile, I'm struggling to earn a good living as a guitar teacher.

I sometimes want to take time off from teaching, but I can't because I am not paid for these days.
more details

Fredrik Thordendal: guitar player meshuggah interview

Guitar Player interview with Fredrik Thordendal,