Saturday, 20 June 2009

Jack Thammarat: lims 2009 lick library

After the guitar idol was completed and they announced the winners of the prizes, Jack Thammarat was supposed to play a song before the Steve Vai show. However they ran out of time, so Jack Thammarat went to the Lick Library stand to play his winning track again. Enjoy!

Jack Thammarat: lims 2009 lick library

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Found this nice little news about Jack. He had a few words in the beginning of the news describing the facts that he did some homework by studying last year’s contest (which I’m sure most serious contenders do). And instead of trying to compete by emphasizing techniques, he put more of his effort into creating “on the way” with melody and fun in mind. He wanted the song to connect to the audience both when it's listened to and when it's played live. (he undoubtedly succeeded). He cited that last years entries that were full of techniques and less musical, appeared to have less responses.

With such strategy to begin with, no wonder he won it. That's pretty smart. This is a “competition”. He obviously did everything right. Something some of us can definitely learn from. He certainly can do very technical stuff too (as evidence in his other youtube videos), but he chooses not to. Congratulations again Jack. You deserve it, really. And thanks for a wonderful entry.

Here's the news clip (with another different but really nice little ending of the song):
voice station
The original news is actually from here:
voice station 2

Greg Howe: jam track and free video lesson update


UPDATE: The Introspection backing tracks, at this time, are not being sold separate from the Introspection Tablature Book. Anyone who has purchased a book or who has previously purchased a book, is eligible to buy the backing tracks.

For those of you who have already purchased the "Introspection" Tablature Book and would like to purchase the backing tracks, they are available for $10.00 (U.S.). However, if you have previously purchased the book, you will need to send an email to **** with either your Paypal or Amazon receipt and/or Transaction Number in order to get the transaction on it's way and a disc mailed out.

To purchase the "Introspection" Tablature Book with the Jam Along Tracks:;


Free Trial Lesson with Greg Howe:

The free trial lesson with Greg Howe is a 7 minute free one one one private lesson through webcam and is conducted on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Due to the fact that Greg's audience is located all over the world we ask that you please fill out the form at the following link, so that we are able to better assist in scheduling your free trial:;

To learn more about different lesson packages with Howe please visit:;

Andy James: killer licks burning up the lick library stage.

Andy James on killer form at the lims show 2009. We were lucky because Andy James was booked in to do the download festival with his band Sacred Mother Tongue, but made some time to visit the show. Andy is one of my favourite new players and It's always a joy to capture so an awesome talent on video.

Thanks again to the girls at the lick library stand who let me know that Andy James would be around. I missed the first set, but caught him during the second. He played a brace of tracks from an upcoming 5 track EP featuring Andy's typically over the top sequenced licks, rich melodies in the context of a progressive riff environment. Look for a release for the EP in Q3 2009. In the meantime, you can buy In the wake of Chaos from CD Baby his new Kaos 7 tracks direct from iTunes. Also his first solo album called "Machine" having been re-mastered and will also be available soon.

Finally, look out for the first Truth In Shredding solo over backing track competition with great prizes, including signed copies of 3 Andy James lesson CD's.

Andy James: lick library lims 2009 part 1

Andy James: lick library lims 2009 part 2

Paulo Schroeber: rock it or rocket?

Almah guitarist Paulo Schroeber normally plays with Marcelo Barbosa, however this is a nice solo instrumental track... enjoy!

Rock it!!

Joe Stump: shredding the demon wing guitar.

Joe Stump Takes his new MC Guitars Demon Wing for a test drive. This guitar was handbuilt by Dean Cascione ( in collaboration with MC Guitars ( for the mighty shredlord Joe Stump. Orion Guitar finishing ( worked with Joe to come up with the killer artwork. Guitar is finished in Nitrocellulous lacquer for the ultimate in tone.

Joe Stump Shreds - Orion Guitar Finishing Custom Paint / Artwork

Andres Ludmer: more power to you fusion elbow

Andres Ludmer posted new tracks to his player on MySpace. player

Bryan Baker: live gig wtih steps ahead

Kudos to Xaem for finding these.

Steps Ahead Forum, 29th Leverkusener Jazztage Leverkusen/Germany 2nd November 2008

Mike Mainieri, vibes
Donny McCaslin, ts, ss
Till Brönner, tp
Bryan Baker, g
Etienne Mbappé, b

Steps Ahead - All In A Row

All 8 videos posted here

Bryan Baker: steps ahead

Guthrie Govan: plainfield school of music gig

We're so pleased to announce the first in hopefully a long series of concerts at the Plainfield School of Music: Guthrie Govan! We've been fans since long before YouTube. I got my first chance to hear Mr. Govan all the way back in 1993 on the somewhat underground compilation cd series "Guitar On The Edge (Volume 1, Number 4 to be exact) and I was instantly captivated. Guthrie reminded me of everything I liked about some of his contemporary rockers, like Greg Howe, Bumblefoot (Ron Thal,) Richie Kotzen, and Paul Gilbert. All that fire, limitless ability and so very clever!

A few years later, Guthrie started an internet buzz, by no fault of his own. His work on Guitar Techniques Magazine (UK) already had him a cult following among readers and students back at home in the UK. But then he came to the NAMM show and performed some mini-shows at Tone Merchants in Orange, California. Around that same time we all started seeing high bandwidth internet connections and streaming video converge, via Quicktime, Google Video, and later YouTube. Now people were able to not just hear what Guthrie does, but to see it... no studio tricks... no punch ins, no fake guitar playing, etc. Live videos taped by audience members.

Guthrie's abilities are unparalleled. Not just as a technical player... I mean, I'd have a hard time naming anyone who has a greater command over the electric guitar... but Guthrie's lines are themselves unique. As guitarists, we often struggle to find a "different" sound, to stand out from the crowd. For some, this just comes naturally.

The show will happen at 7:00 PM on August 1st, 2009. Unlike most of the events Guthrie will perform in the US this summer, this will be a live band. Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar and Guthrie Govan. He will be performing extended versions of the instrumental music from his album (named after a Homer Simpson quote) Erotic Cakes, as well as a few additional jams.

Tickets are in short supply!
Don't miss your chance to see Guthrie play live music! This is the only event of its kind in the entire midwest this summer!

Tickets are $20.00
Reserve yours NOW!

Call (815) 557-7512


Matthias Arp: first player announced for monkeyfest 2010

As mentioned previously, Rob Chappers is organising a guitar festival in 2010, "Monkey Fest", featuring top guitar players, top food in the lovely Wiltshire countryside... First booking goes to shredder Matthias Arp.

Matthias Arp & The Lee at LIMS 2009

Joe Satriani: guitar players talk about joe!

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nigel Tufnell, Jeff Tyson and Andy Johns.

Steve Vai & others Talk about Joe Satriani

News: is there a problem with guitar world blips?

Guitar world blips are a new way to measure successfulness of your guitar blog. Keen guitar bloggers spend a tremendous amount of time getting their content together... only to find that their blip count is significanlty less that one of the top 5... what's wrong with that? Well if 3 of the top 5 have no posts at all, that might be different. See the today's table

Site, points,posts
1.Modern Guitars 1000 0
2.Jemsite - HomePage 768 0
3.Guitar Player Daily Steve Vai 701 9
4.i heart guitar 677 13
5.PRS Guitars RSS Robert Smith 590 0

You can follow the discussion and join the guitar bloggers:

Stephan Forte: lag guitars, features the adagio shredder! PG's Chris Burgess is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for Musikmesse '09 where he visits the LAG Guitars booth. In this video segment, we get to see several of LAG's electric models including, the Jet(traditionally influenced) Roxane (the hard-blues influenced double-cutaway), Imperator (single-cutaway model) and the Arkane (the full-on rock action). In addition, we get to hear Adagio's guitarist, Stephan Forte shred on his custom MasterShop seven-string LAG guitar. These guitars will be heading to the US shortly so keep a look out for them. For more gear news or to view our completely FREE digital edition, visit

Hedras Ramos: the guitar idol final story in video

Congratulations to Hedras Ramos... he's just posted a compilation video of the London guitar idol trip, including the lick library stage jam! Thanks again to Lick Library for setting up the stage. You can view on the finalists videos at licklibrary:

Most gratifying of all, when it came to the moment of truth – the showdown, on the live stage at the London Guitar Show – all the finalists stepped up to be counted, handled the pressure and gave the packed house a performance to remember. Congratulations then, to the winner, Jack Thammarat from Thailand, and to the other 11 finalists who travelled from all over the world to be there.

Jack walked away with a PRS custom 24 presented to him by PRS endorsee Ace from Skunk Anansie, plus a Marshall JVM stack. He was also awarded a special prize of a £3000 custom guitar made by Rob Williams Guitars.

Congratulations also to everyone else who took part – you helped make Guitar Idol 2009 competition a monster.

Hedras Ramos's, awesome guitar CD is available to buy right now from cdbaby

Hedras Ramos - Guitar Idol Final

Chris Impellitteri: last of a dying breed promo

Impellitteri - Last of a Dying Breed (HD official)

Magnus Karlsson:congratulation to the new twins Sixten and Svante

Magnus Karlsson posted:
The twins Sixten and Svante was born yesterday 11 am and everyone is fine! Big baby’s that was singing the latest Arch Enemy hit the moment they came out! Goodbye to sleep J

Glad Midsommar!

Best wishes from Truth In Shredding!

Angel Ruiz,Victor de Andres: zz top jam tactics

Angel Ruiz says:
Thanks to my greatest friend Víctor de Andrés to join with me at this awesome song, calls La Grange from ZZ Top.


Stephan Forte: new guitar and uk date promo

Wow this guy is one helluva player... I caught him at the musikmesse in Frankfurt earlier this year. Adagio also announced a UK date up in London later in the year, which I might try and get to.

Michel Lag Chavarria introduces the new Stéphan Forté Signature Guitar Model at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009... 10 years of work to get to this point!

Musikmesse 2009 / LAG guitars / Stéphan Forté Signature Model

Adagio to perform LIVE in UK on October 24th !!! (Purple Turtle)

Adagio to perform LIVE in UK on October 24th !!!

Wim den Herder: acoustic duo

Wim den Herder & Simone Zanchini - Meteoriet

Wim den Herder & Simone Zanchini - Mozzarella Girl

Albert Lee: aftershow party

A special post for Daniele Gottardo's mum... a big Albert Lee fan!
More aftershow parties; yet more star musicians playing at them. This time it's Albert Lee, who treated guests at the Strings And Things/MusicMan 'Knucklehead Bash' to some of his incredible country-blues chops.

The band:
Dario Cortese - guitar
Dave Marks - bass
Darren Ashford - drums
David Cash - keys

Special guest: Albert Lee
Albert Lee live at LIMS 2009

Steve Vai:interview at LIMS 2009

Master guitarist and composer Steve Vai sits down with MusicRadar to talk Alien Guitar Secrets, playing live, and beef yoghurt.

Steve Vai interview at LIMS 2009

Rob Chappers: swaps an orange for peanut budda

oooohhh... not sure about that title at all! Rob Chappers of Monkey Lord checking out the Budda Superdrive 18 & 30 at LIMS 09.

Budda Superdrive 18 & 30

Rodrigo Canoas: jazz metal jam

Cross over jazz metal jam...

Sat Guitar e Rodrigo Canoas

Billy Sheehan,Markus Deml: musikmesse jam.

Yamaha Booth 2008 - Billy Sheehan and Markus Deml go for it :-)

Billy Sheehan jamming with Markus Deml at Musikmesse 2008

Péter Lukács: return to bikini bottom

a title for my kids... Bikini - guitar solo Nearby places

Bikini - Közeli helyeken guitar solo

Edu Ardanuy: blues clinic

Eduardo Ardanuy Guitar player in one of his workshop which was in the city of Londrina with him playing in a Blues.

Edu Ardanuy blues em Londrina

Zack Kim: army game show appearences!

Zack Kim - Starking 97th epi (part 1)

Zack Kim - Starking 97th epi (part 2)