Sunday, 21 June 2009

I Wayan Balawan: acoustic clinic clips

balawan blueberry guitar workshop 1

balawan blueberry guitar workshop 1

Andy James: SMT second single released.

Video for the 2nd single from the album 'The Ruin of Man' on Transcend Records.

Sacred Mother Tongue - Anger On Reflection

Carlo Losavio: masterfunk live


Rob Chappers: black star

No not that one! This one... Rob Chappers checks out the Blackstar HT5 Combo at Trevor Durrant guitar centre in Colchester

Igor Paspalj: flight of the bumbarov

Super clean picking on this old favourite!

Bumbarov let - Igor Paspalj

David Valdes: 7 string esp up for grabs

David Valdes says:

7 string electric guitar model ESP-LTD M-207. The band that did not use. The guitar has 3 years left and half the price of what it cost me. The final price is 600 € and if you are outside Tarragona I pay the postage.

This well kept totally has Floyd Rose bridge and Seymour Duncan pick ups. The sound is brutal and is excellent if you make music New Metal or Death Metal. The kit comes with a set of strings and without new build.

It has 24 frets and is Clavijero invested. The guitar has never left my studio and has no moisture and always kept in his briefcase. The strings have always been used "D.. Addario "009-054.

With this ESP guitar rhythms were recorded from my last album "Imhotep" which you can download from my web, so you can get an idea of how it sounds under study. Was used to record the rhythm of my dvd instrumental "Lost In The Dark Curse" also you can download multiple videos from the downloads section of my site and see how it sounds and how it is.

Milan Polak: ytsejam interview and cd review

Having released two instrumental releases, guitarist Milan Polak took his music to another level with the release of his 2007 record, Straight, an album that "keeps the true sound of hard rock in full force," continuing the stance of "keeping the spirit of the real guitar hero alive," but making us get up and shout as well; and with his second vocal record, Murphy's Law (Lion Music); it gets personal lyrically - in a world that isn't perfect.

"I wouldn’t say it was a decision. I guess, it’s just the way I write and compose… Only this time I wanted to create a more modern sound and also implement more of the guitar virtuoso aspect again," begins Polak on the continuation of the singer/songwriter meets guitar shredder mantra, "When I wrote “Straight” I wanted to get away from the instrumental, guitar hero image. I really wanted to make this clear so I stripped down everything - no effects, no over the top guitar playing, hence the title and the cover of me naked with just my guitar. This time I wanted to take it from there and move on, resulting in a more modern sound using loops, adding more backing vocals and last but not least bringing back the virtuoso aspect of my playing."
full interview

Plus dangerdog review the CD.

Milan Polak's fourth release and second vocal album, Murphy's Law, is straight melodic hard rock made more interesting by clever innovation from rock, prog, jazz fusion, and Polak's own novel guitar work. There's nothing conventional about Murphy's Law, and we're better for it. Recommended!
full review

Vinnie Moore: ufo concert bristol

Off to see Vinnie Moore and UFO in Bristol... got my ear plugs in case it's too loud... I hope it's a good one!

See you later!

OK back again... yes back from UFO already... Vinnie Moore was awesome particularly his extended solo during the track Rock Bottom. He definitely is the main reason to see this band... not sure if seeing Phil Mogg in a kilt is reason enough... If you get a chance to see them, then do... Vinnie Moore's playing was worth the entrance fee... plus I got a signed copy of his new CD.

Paul Gilbert: budokhan by telescope

This looks like it was shot five miles away.... good video all the same.

Mr Big - Next Time Around - Live In Nippon Budokan

Silvio Gazquez: GREAT SOUND summer nights guitar idol lims 2009, yagooor

Thanks again to Yagooor not least because the sound of the guitar is actually up in the mix, great job!! Yagooor says:
"This is a song composed a few months ago. It´s the kind of tune that I´d like to hear driving a car in a summer night . Silvio G."

Silvio Gazquez - Summer Nights (Live Guitar Idol Show 2009, London) HD

Daniel Realpe: enlightening discussion guitar idol 2009, yagooor

Thanks again to Yagooor!
He is also the guitarist for the band Hidden Path. Hidden Path is a Power Progressive metal band from Colombia, located in Bogotá.

Daniel Realpe - Enlightening Discussion (Live Guitar Idol Show 2009, London) HD

Jack Thammarat: on the way guitar idol 2009, yagooor

Thanks again to Yagooor!
Jack Thammarat born in 1979 and live in Bangkok Thailand. Began to play Guitar at age 13. Plays in the style is combination of Rock ,Blues ,Jazz & Progressive.Working as a Guitarist ,Composer ,Studio & Sideman Musician ,Teaching Guitar In Music School and University.

Jack Thammarat - "On the Way" (Live Guitar Idol 2009 Final) HD

Muris Varajic: final dance guitar idol 2009, yagooor

Thanks again to Yagooor!

Matteo Perica: testing the sd bridge pickup

It's been a few months between posts... 14/03/2008 to be precise. Matteo Perica fires up the guitar with his new SD pickup.

improvisation solo on JB

Gustavo Di Padua: 2008 guitar idol 2009 - Yagooor

Thanks again to Yagooor!
This is one of the tracks from Gustavo Di Paduas solo album THE STAIRS. It mixes a lot of Gustavos influences such as hard-rockin riffs, great melodies, vocal lines and of course some serious SHREDDING! =)

Gustavo Di Padua - 2008 ((Live Guitar Idol Show 2009, London) HD