Thursday, 6 August 2009

Craig Erickson: new cd in the bag!

Craig Erickson says:
new CD nearly done! Songs by Free,Peter Green, maybe Chris Whitley + intense blues rock a la Hendrix,SRV, Trower, Frank Marino, ZZ Top, Gary Moore along with rock influences a la Kings X, Mountain, and Zeppelin...I am really excited about the style concept and some of the cool guitar tones on this...a labor of love...hopefully out before the end of the year!

Sam Bell: guitar lesson details... chichester UK

Sam Bell says:
If you live in the Chichester area i can offer private lessons!

Lessons are £15 for a 45 minuite private session. I teach from begginers all the way to intermediates trying to find a new place to go. I try not to enforce styles onto people, however i do wish to teach the basic fundementals of modern rock guitar techinque which can be applyed to any style of music you wish to play.

I prepate material for each individual, catering for there needs, from strumming chords, to playing leads.

If you are intrested and would like further information please contact:

or call/text


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Magnus Karlsson: working with amanda somerville

Former HELLOWEEN vocalist Michael Kiske is collaborating with American singer Amanda Somerville on a brand new ..melodic rock project.. for Frontiers Records. Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) and Magnus Karlsson (PLACE VENDOME, PRIMAL FEAR) are handling most of the songwriting for the CD, which is tentatively due in early 2010.

Commented Kiske: "This is another idea by Serafino (Frontiers Records President). I did a duet with a female singer on 'Breathing Water' by INDIGO DYING. It was so nice that he offered me a chance to make an album of all duet songs with a famous female singer."

Sinner added: "We're working hard on the songwriting for the first [Kiske/Somerville] album. It's a pleasure to write and produce Michael's next album, and with Amanda as the co-singer, it's something very special. I wrote songs with Magnus and Jimmy Kresic for the album, and we're really excited about the songs. Eight tracks are pre-produced now and we need another two songs before we will start the real recordings. AFTER FOREVER mainman Sander Gommans plans to join us and he's working on new songs with Amanda at the moment! Look out for a melodic metal masterpiece in early 2010!".

Somerville is the American singer-songwriter and vocal coach who was tapped to replace EPICA vocalist Simone Simons on the band's North American tour with SYMPHONY X due to Simons' health issues. Amanda was featured on KAMELOT's latest release, "Ghost Opera", and recently toured with AVANTASIA. She last year released her long-awaited solo Pop-Rock album, "Windows".

A Michigan.. native, Amanda has resided and worked mainly in Germany and the Netherlands since 1999. She has collaborated with several other bands in the metal scene along with producers Sascha Paeth and Miro, and co-wrote the rock opera "Aina".

Carljohan Grimmark: narnia interview

Carl Johan Grimmark: The title was actually decided when the album was almost done. It’s a game with words similar to the title of the song "Curse of a generation". I don’t want to explain too much, but the title can relate to that songs, but just as well have its own message. MOST of the themes in general are pretty based on pretty down-to-earth reflections on life and society, from the perspective of the writer. (Mostly myself, but also our former singer Christian) full interview

Francisco Meza: shred the web 2

From track #4 "Rage and Pain" of Innocence of Insanity - Francisco Meza

COMPETITION: guitar world shred the web 2

Yes Shred The Web 2 has started: not sure what these are going to be like... I checked out a couple and they seem to be either freeform jam or song... I think the song option is the way to go. Your chance to win Guitars, Amps and Internet Stardom! Special Guest judges Judast Priest!!!

Shred the Web II

The prizes

Russ Parrish: steel panther the art of subtlety is not dead

On Rocktober 6th Steel Panther will release Feel The Steel the culmination of a glam metal revival suited perfectly for 2009 in the US! Feel The Steel, produced by Jay Ruston, features “Death To All But Metal” and “Community Property” and will mark the major label debut from the spandex-clad quartet. The album will hit fans on September 29 via iTunes before finding its way to store shelves nationally on October 6.

“… easily going to be the best heavy metal album of the year.” – Rock Sound Magazine

“About as subtle as a stampede in a hurricane, the Los Angelinos will rock the living shit out of you and then rock you some more. And some more. And probably some more.” – Kerrang

“…it’s worth nothing that while the tunes here have lyrics that are fucking hilarious all the way through, the songs themselves are killer.” – Metal Hammer

"...RAWK!" - Laurie Monk

Francesco Congiu: shred this, top shred fusion 2!

Francesco Congiu back for a second bite at the cherry, some more cool jamming! Guitar Neil Zaza ampli BRUTUS cicognani

shred this competition take 2 congiuf

Federico Accardo: shred this leg... get well soon!

Some bad news from Federico Accardo... Federico Accardo says:
hello Laurie, just writing to tell you that today I'll be recovered in a Hospital and I don't know when I'll come back home (nothing dangerous, just a broken leg and feet to fix :) ),
. We here at Truth In Shredding wish Federico Accardo a speedy recovery! GET WELL SOON! A reminder of Federico's cool solo

Truth In Shredding - Shred This Competition - Federico Accardo

Marius Pop: grooving with the laguna on shred this

These guys are determined to make the judging of this competition almost impossible! Marius Pop gives some serious groove on his new Laguna!

Shred This Competition :Marius Pop

Peta Lukács: gitaraoke live show -

Gitármánia tábor 2009, JamVOX Gutaraoke. Lukács Peta megmutatja.

Lukács Peta - Money JamVOX-on

Kirill Konyaev: andromeda strain!

Kirill Konyaev, age 15, St. Petersburg, Russia, plays Marco Sfogli's - Andromeda

15 Year Old Shreds ギターソロ

Tom Hess: 8 Steps To Develop A Highly Efficient Practice Schedule

Get More From Your Guitar Practice
8 Steps To Develop A Highly Efficient Practice Schedule

By Tom Hess

If you are like most guitar players you sometimes feel frustrated with your guitar playing. You know mastering guitar playing takes a LOT of time, energy and effort. It seems like a huge mountain to climb in order to reach the highly advanced levels of guitar playing. You know that few people who attempt to climb that mountain will actually achieve it... but if you are truly determined to reach these goals you certainly can!

Fact is, one of the biggest reasons why so few people become great guitarists is not because they lack talent, but rather due to not knowing all of the things they need to do or practice in order to reach their goal. People usually have more than enough things to practice (licks, techniques, exercises, scales etc.) but struggle most with creating an overall plan to get them the result they want.

Taking your guitar playing ability from wherever it is right now to exactly where you always dreamed it could be in the shortest amount of time can be done. Having a well-structured (yet flexible) guitar practice regimen is a key first step to do this.

I know... I know... You've heard this before, it seems "obvious", so why talk about it again here? ...

... Well, unfortunately, many guitarists have misconceptions about having an efficient and effective practice schedule. Others have tried it for a while but either didn't stick with it, or had an ineffective practice plan to start with.

Have you ever believed any of the following myths?
Effective guitar practicing routines are boring, it takes all the fun out of playing guitar.
I started putting myself on a practice schedule for guitar, but it was hard to stick to it.
Practice schedules are too rigid and they restrict, or put limitations on my creativity.
A guitar practice regimen is too structured for me, I want the freedom to allow myself to drift random things when playing guitar.
Practice routines for guitar just don't work. I can make more progress without one.
I can't stand to practice the same things in the same way each day.

Now think about this:

The truth is, 'bad' practice routines DO SUCK! However, efficient, effective and flexible ones have the power to totally transform your guitar playing, musicianship and your creativity in a shorter period of time. Imagine how much better your guitar playing life will be like after you fully reached all of your musical goals!

Good practice regimens won't hurt your creativity, the opposite is true because you are gaining the
tools to become more creative... AND your schedule can include 'creative time' to work on writing new songs, improvising, etc.

It's not boring to practice that which directly relates to the very things you want to achieve as a guitar player and musician. Yes practicing the same exercise for 30 minutes 'is' boring, which is why you shouldn't design a guitar practice schedule in such a way. We want to create a structure that works, not one that will drive you crazy.

You do NOT need to spend all your guitar practice time with a fixed schedule. If you have 90 minutes to practice, invest 45-60 minutes working from your planned guitar practicing regimen. Use the rest of time to freely do whatever you feel like playing that day.

The best routines are NOT the same each day. A good guitar practice workout schedule should be effective, efficient and flexible.

A practice schedule is a roadmap to freedom of being able to play whatever you want! But this doesn't mean that you don't have any room to have fun, be creative, and enjoy playing guitar in the process. The only difference is that now you will be enjoying the process more WHILE you get better, and avoid mindlessly playing around on the guitar with no direction or sense of purpose. As a result, it will take you much less time to become the exact kind of excellent guitar player you want to be.

The best way to think about an efficient practice schedule is with an analogy of a map. When you prepare to travel somewhere, you first analyze where you are (Point A), and then prepare the most direct and time efficient route of arriving to your destination (Point B).

8 Steps to Creating Your Own Guitar Practice Routine

Step 1. Get very clear on what your LONG TERM guitar playing / musical goals are. Beware of distractions... there is a big difference between 'short term goals' and 'distractions'. True short-term goals should be consistent with your long-term goals. If they aren't, then you might be simply distracting yourself from what you really want to achieve as a guitar player and musician. When creating your practice routine, focus mainly on long-term goals.

Step 2. Balance your existing strengths and RELEVANT weaknesses. Seek to turn your strengths into super strengths and 'only' work on weaknesses that are truly 'relevant' to your goals (see step 4 below).

Step 3. Be realistic about how much time you can practice each day. As mentioned above, you can and should allow 'free time' in your schedule to learn, practice, or do other things with your guitar outside of your written guitar practice regimen.

Step 4. You must be 100% sure you really know all the musical elements which are needed to reach your long term goals, AND you need to be clear about which of these elements are the 'primary' and 'secondary' priorities for you to focus on right now in order to reach your specific goals. To get help, I have created a totally free resource for you to use about reaching your musical goals.

Step 5. Contrary to popular belief, creativity CAN be taught, learned and practiced. Always include creativity development into your practice schedule (or work on it at least in your free time).

Step 6. Application is key! Be sure to add time each day to work on applying your skills even if you have not mastered them yet! It's a big mistake to work only on mastering something before seeking to apply it.

Step 7. Don't create the same schedule for each day of the week, your schedule should be based on larger period of time (I use an 8-day practice and learning schedule for my students – works much better compared to a routine that repeats itself each day). Maybe 2, or 3 of the days are the same, but the other days are a little different (yet still based on the above steps mentioned).

Step 8. Create 3-5 different 8-day practice regimens. Use each one twice (16 days) before working with the next one. Be sure that when you create them that each are based on the first 7 steps above.

What's next?

1.Get committed!

2.Stay committed! Follow through with your plan and watch your guitar playing get better and easier. If you find it hard to stay committed, focus on the 'reasons' behind the goals you have set for yourself, in other words, keep in mind "why" you want to reach those goals. How you will feel after you achieve them and are able to be/do/have what you want as a musician.

Tom Hess is a professional touring guitarist and recording artist. He teaches guitar players around the world via online guitar lessons, Visit to get free guitar playing tips, assessments, surveys, mini courses and more.

Billy Gibbons: zztop uk dates pre sale tickets!

ZZ Top head to the UK for just two dates this winter as part of their Double Down Live tour - and Planet Rock has a 24 hour pre-sale so that you can get your hands on the best seats in the house.

Anyone that saw ZZ Top at Download Festival this year will know that they have lost none of their fire, swagger or cool and after 40 years still rock as hard as anyone else.

UK dates are becoming increasingly rare for the band, though, so when the band land in Wolverhampton on 27 October it will be a fantastic opportunity to see the band close up and in one of the best venues in the country.

The following night (28 October) the band make their journey south to the iconic Wembley Arena for what will surely be a triumphant return to the capital for the first time in several years.

So if you want to make sure that you do not miss out on what will be one of the best and most anticipated set of UK dates this year then head to the link below and get your hands on some tickets before the general public get a chance.

Buy Tickets

Thiago Trinsi: tapping tour de force for shred this

Thiago Trinsi says:
Hi folks , here I am in the "Shred this Guitar competition" with my version, I hope you like it , I got a very hard time to record my take filming, I still use the same picture Machine to make videos since of my first video on youtube but now this camera is broken! I have to try 9 times to get one video , it always stops in the middle or in the begining ...I was so angry trying all the possibilities ,,, I wasted most of my good licks in the beggining but Still ... I wasd about to give it up, but on my last try I got it... So Here is my Version !!! Enjoy .....Yeah , I need to buy a new camera!!!LOL......

Good help the judges... this is one amazing competition!

Shred This Competition: Thiago Trinsi

News: browser wars continues part deux!

Firefox just got a whole lot faster in the latest iteration.

Download the latest version of Firefox 3.52

Then for you Google Chrome O philes ... make it look like Chrome:

Not enough for you? Chromifox Companion installs the Chrome like menu toolbar buttons.

For programmers there is even a Chrome tab option (needs chrome installed)

Meanwhile Google Chrome just got themes: I'm currently running Camo... LOL!!!


Vincenzo Grieco, Valerio Mignogna: acoustic duo 2

The acoustic guitar duo formed by Vincenzo Grieco and Valerio Mignogna plays "Spain" LIVE @ CIAC Area Club (2009)

CIAC AREA CLUB Vincenzo Grieco & Valerio Mignogna LIVE

COMPETITION: Pro Tone bonus for shred this entries!

I have to thanks Dennis Mollan from Pro Tone pedals for this really great offer for Shred This competition entries... Dennis has been watching the entries and thought he liked them so much that he wanted to participate... I let Dennis explain...

Shred This Pro Tone Pedals discount

OK... there you go, just enter the competition and get a $50 discount on two hot pedals, offer open through to 30th September 2009... you still here? Well go!... yes go to

Jason Becker Signature Distortion
Jason Becker- legendary guitarist from Cacophony & David Lee Roth… what can you say about this guy that hasn’t been said a million times? So lets just let the pedal do the talking.
The JB Distortion is an analog emulation of the British amp used by Jason during the Perpetual Burn recording sessions, with added gain and a boost channel. The additional gain came from Jason telling us that he really enjoyed the higher gain sounds he was using later in his career from a newer amplifier.
The end result is 2 pedals in one: A distortion pedal recreating Jason’s burning distorted tone, and a meaty boost pedal that can be used by itself or in conjunction with the distortion to send your guitar to tonal nirvana.
Pre Amp Volume, Gain, Master Volume and Burn (boost) controls
Ultra flexible 3 band tone stack modeled after Jasons amps
Original artwork painted by Jason’s father, Gary Becker
Operates on a standard 9 volt (negative tip) BOSS style adapter
True Hardwire Bypass with grounded input for noise free operation
Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
Durable aluminum housing
Super-Bright LED’s for easy onstage identification
Proudly built by hand in Crossroads, Texas
Knob colors/configuration may vary

More Rusty Cooley Playing The Jason Becker Pedal Prototype

Rusty Cooley Signature Overdrive
The all analog design offers a smooth overdrive and huge volume boost along with treble and bass controls to add brawn and flexibility to your tone shaping possibilities.
Designed to push already high gain tubes into a new realm, the Rusty Cooley overdrive does so without coloring your tone, adding a ‘mid hump’ or making your top end shrill.
Gain, Treble, Bass, and Volume controls
Operates on a standard 9 volt batter or (negative tip) BOSS style adapter
True Hardwire Bypass for noise free operation
Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
Durable aluminum housing
Neutrik Jacks
Proudly built by hand in Crossroads, Texas

Also help Pro Tone with this foot pedal survey or even Win an autographed Rusty Cooley Pro Tone pedal

Raphael Fraser: tribute to shawn lane

Raphael Fraser from New Zealand delivers a tribute to the late great Shawn Lane.

Raphael Fraser says:
Here's another Shawn Lane cover (not Get You Back, for a change :-p ) It's an electric version of the beautiful song "Epilogue for Lisa", based on Shawn's live version(s).

I'm not totally happy yet with the vibrato bar stuff, but I'm getting closer.

Tone (of course) is the AMT California Sound, cabinet sim, and oodles and poodles of delay. :-p

I hope you like it. Please rate/subscribe/friend/favourite/comment/ whatever ;-)

Epilogue for Lisa (electric version) - Shawn Lane cover