Russ Parrish: steel panther the art of subtlety is not dead

On Rocktober 6th Steel Panther will release Feel The Steel the culmination of a glam metal revival suited perfectly for 2009 in the US! Feel The Steel, produced by Jay Ruston, features “Death To All But Metal” and “Community Property” and will mark the major label debut from the spandex-clad quartet. The album will hit fans on September 29 via iTunes before finding its way to store shelves nationally on October 6.

“… easily going to be the best heavy metal album of the year.” – Rock Sound Magazine

“About as subtle as a stampede in a hurricane, the Los Angelinos will rock the living shit out of you and then rock you some more. And some more. And probably some more.” – Kerrang

“…it’s worth nothing that while the tunes here have lyrics that are fucking hilarious all the way through, the songs themselves are killer.” – Metal Hammer

"...RAWK!" - Laurie Monk