Thiago Trinsi: tapping tour de force for shred this

Thiago Trinsi says:
Hi folks , here I am in the "Shred this Guitar competition" with my version, I hope you like it , I got a very hard time to record my take filming, I still use the same picture Machine to make videos since of my first video on youtube but now this camera is broken! I have to try 9 times to get one video , it always stops in the middle or in the begining ...I was so angry trying all the possibilities ,,, I wasted most of my good licks in the beggining but Still ... I wasd about to give it up, but on my last try I got it... So Here is my Version !!! Enjoy .....Yeah , I need to buy a new camera!!!LOL......

Good help the judges... this is one amazing competition!

Shred This Competition: Thiago Trinsi